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I have been impatiently awaiting the arrival of my new erin condren planner. I’m so excited. I got turned onto the planner by organizedlikejen and the busybeebuzz on youtube. I’m extremely interested to see how user-friendly it is, and if i’ll be motivated to keep up with planning.

For anyone interested in purchasing, the following is my “referral” link in which you enter your email and you will be set up with a an account to receive a $10.00 coupon. I’ll also receive a $10 coupon if you make a purchase.

Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Tips for fuller lips

I’ve spent much of my winter break stuck in bed watching youtube videos and perfecting my makeup skills. I love all things makeup related; I am a true product junkie. I’ve tried many brands, but there are few that I remain loyal to. One of those brands is LUSH COSMETICS. While I was once employed by this company, I left to pursue educational opportunities. It is the only brand that I continue to seek out, mainly because of their ethical values (not testing on animals), their value (relatively cheap for luxury items) and for the quality of their product—everything inside the product is listed on the label.

About a year ago, they launched their Emotional Brilliance line. I received (as an employee at the time) both the Feeling Younger skin tint and the charisma bronzing tint. Feeling younger serves as a highlight. For those of you who are not as concerned with animal testing, ethical trade, or natural ingredients- a good dupe I have found is benefits “Girl meets pearl”. I have not found a dupe for the charisma bronzing tint- though I’ve seen in youtube videos various mac and drug store dupes. I like the charisma tint because it is a liquid, creamy texture (as is the highlight).

How do you use a highlighter and a bronzer to make your lips look fuller?

There are a few tricks I’ve learned.

1)      Take a small lip liner brush and line your lower lip with the “bronzing tint” of your choice. In this case, I use the Charisma Bronzing tint from Lush.

2)      Blend.

Taking the “feeling younger” tint:

1)      Line your upper lip and cupids bow with highlight (use a thin brush!).

2)      Blend.

In place of using a cream highlight, I have also tried using a white eyeliner to line my top lip—it works very well so long as you dab it to blend it and then use your regular liner.

I will post pictures of this later—back to school work for me!

May Challenge: SOLIDS ONLY

It’s April, which means it is also Earth Month. I feel like once April ends we really never discuss ways to improve upon our “green footprints”, or ways to help the environment. My challenge for myself is to be more “green” in other months, so for the month of may i am going SOLID!

I know i haven’t posted a lot lately within the last year. It’s mainly because i now work for a cosmetics company (LUSH) and i thought it would be unethical to constantly bombard you all with Lush products- because let’s face it, once you go lush you never go back. Sometimes i wish i had discovered lush before last April, or that lush had a program where you can turn in the loads of shit products you’ve bought over the years and trade it in for theirs. Alas, they don’t. Fortunately, they are an amazing company to work for. I’m really proud to be an employee, to see the ways in which they put the community first and don’t worry about profit. It’s sort of like Conan O’brien says:” If you work hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.” They do, everyday at lush. (And to answer the question that i forsee happening- yes, I am still in Grad School, working to graduate fall 2014!) 


 Back to the focus here. This is what my shower normally looks like, because this product junkie LOVES options. 



And if it’s not my shower, my bathroom sink ends up looking like this fairly often:


So, my challenge for myself (and for those who have solids- soap, shampoo bars, mositurizers- I challenge you, too!) is to use only solid products in the month of may.



Pictured from top left to bottom right:

Reincarnate Henna Shampoo Bar (RETRO)

You Snap the Whip Body Butter 

Dr Peppermint (RETRO) Shampoo Bar

Karma Komba Shampoo Bar

Full of Grace Serum

Jungle Solid Conditioner


Not Pictured but intend to use: 

Dirty Toothy Tabs (solid toothpaste)

Each Peach Solid Massage Bar (Lotion)

Scentanary Soap (Chat Party Exclusive, Bar Soap)


I’ve used all of these products before and it’s certainly difficult to pick a favorite. I love the reincarnate because it has henna dyes in it, which helps my hair that has been destroyed by box dye. The coconut oils in this product help to add shine and make the hair more moisturized than any shampoo i’ve ever had. Normally, when i wash my hair it’s brittle and feels like straw (Never, never, never box dye). 

 Since i love options, i went with Karma Komba and Dr. Peppermint Shampoo bars. Karma has a sweet orange and patchouli smell, which is great for perfuming the hair. That’s something i’ve really been into lately. Dr. Peppermint has a spearmint/ peppermint scent to it, which is refreshing. I love all things peppermint, thus the large bottle of freeze & the party on shower jelly in the first pic! 

Jungle is the only product i’ve actually never tried as far as this stash goes. I actually bought it for a friend, but love the smell of it so much that i kept it. (She’ll never know. I got her a “Green Bag” gift set, this was just an add on. Selfish, i know!) 

You snap the whip is a body butter, but probably not the type you’ve used before. After working for the body shop and coach, i assumed that a body butter is a lotion you put on after the shower. This product has a bit of a scrub to it (charcoal scrub!) but still moisturizes the skin. I always smell like black currants and bubble gum when i use this product. It really saves time when it comes to my schedule.

After working at Lush for a year and literally staring at this product every shift, i broke down and finally started to use “Full of Grace”. Made with portabello mushrooms, and for about $15.00, this product has changed my skin. It feels soft, moisturized (and for once, not itchy!) I can’t believe the amount of money i’ve spent on skin care in the last year- trying everything from Ole Henrikson to Bobbi Brown. It was a waste. That shit broke me out so badly, it’s really sad. I have delicate skin and these companies are screwing around with products and chemicals that ruined my once porcelain skin. Lush has given me that back. I also was breaking out from my John Frieda Shampoo- i was allergic to the red dye it contained, so once i switched to lush shampoos, my skin also improved! (One of the many hazards of having relatively long hair!)

Toothy Tabs were the weirdest concept to me, until i used them! They made my mouth feel like i just left the dentist. While the taste is a little bitter in the dirty formula, there are so many options and no complaints. Well packaged, reasonably priced, and deep-cleansing. I am in!


 IWhy did i decide to go solid/ how does this help the environment?

In every one of the hockey pucks of shampoo/conditioner, there are three LARGE FAMILY SIZED SHAMPOO BOTTLES- meaning, you get 80-100 washes out of that little guy. There’s less plastic, and you are not paying for water. 

With the full of grace, you snap the whip and reincarnate- there’s absolutely no packaging. Just keep everything out of the direct stream of water to keep it from turning to mush. 

(PLUS, i have such an extensive stash of stuff, and plan on traveling all summer long, so i hope to get used to using only what i need and not being so excessive!)


I will update everyone in the end of may.

Until then, any questions? Any suggestions about reviews in the coming weeks?

How do you guys feel about me writing posts that are Lush-directed and non-lush directed? I was really on the fence about even posting this, but let me know what you guys want to see. Hope all is well! 

*Retro products are only available online, not in stores.

*All products were purchased by me, i assume all responsibility for this post as the sole owner of this blog, and this blog in no way reflects the views of any company, brand, or other individuals. 


Hello World!

It’s been about a year since i’ve really been focused on this blog. A lot has happened! I am a mommy to two beagle puppies after the loss of my girl, Oreo, last April 9th. I also started Grad School and graduated college- so my work load has been crazy.

 That being said, i’ve really been obsessed with a lot of new products and i would really like to get back into my weekly reviews. Therefore – keep your eyes open this week for a post about what’s in my shower, an empties post, and a review on some super-awesome Lush Retro Products! 🙂 


Comment below if you have any questions! Hope you are all well!

Battle of the nail polish brands

The other day I was picking up some nailpolish at bed bath and beyond- try offer some great prices for otherwise pricey brands. The cashier asked me what I thought of the brand I was purchasing, which inspired this post.

I purchased Essie in “Jamaica me crazy”, for 5.99. The packaging is always elegant, and I love the color selection the best from Eddie. However, I noticed that even with a clear base coat, I must apply the color multiple times. I would say on average, I end up needing about 4 coats in addition to the base and clear coat.

O.p.i for sephora, while more expensive, is my favorite. The color chips less, requires less coats and has an alright selection of color. I picked up the new nifty shades of grey, a color that starts out like a grey/purple but the light shifts into a green. I know that it will last longer, and love that they offer both fun and professional color selections.

I also have an extensive collection of cheaper brands like NYC and target brand- I would suggest saving your money for a more expensive brand and really investing the money for a few colors instead of dozens- the cheaper brands seem to dry out quickly and leak.

My second favorite brand would have to be Sally hansens- her nail polish lasted almost as long as the opi polish. What about you guys? I’m curious to hear what brands you think work best- and give you the most bang for your buck!

NOTD: tinsel town by opi


So I wanted to upload a quick shot of the nailpolish I did using opi’s “just a pinch of glitter, leotard optional and meet me at the disco”. I was trying to create a winter wonderland like feel to them. I love the colors of the opi tinsel town set, but was so disappointed that it was the miniature bottles! For 40.00 I don’t know that it was worth it.

Quick Storage Tip for Bath Bombs

Just wanted to share this cute storage tip. I am a bath bomb addict- so i decided to take old apothecary looking jars (that had been my grandmothers) and decided to fill them with bath bombs. The result was a colorful and fun storage idea- and it keeps the bathbomb fresh and free from getting all damaged in my product drawers!


Added note:  The smaller jar to the right is holding soap curls- bars of soap that you take a knife to and curl up. Guests can take one and use them- they dissipate when washing and they’re super cute!

The bathbombs at the top are from Basin & Basinwhite of Disney world fame. The bottom, lush cosmetics, doctor sweet tooth and various etsy shops!


        Since Winter weather has been slamming us here at the Jersey Shore, i thought it was time to talk about what products I need to keep me from getting dry & itchy all winter long! After Hurricane Sandy, I literally opened up my bathroom closet of delicious and unused products- soaps, hair products, and perfumes- and gave it all to my awesome cousin who was running supplies to an area called Union Beach- they were hit VERY badly. I saved only one- my pineapple soap from Little Egg Harbor Soap Co- i knew i wouldn’t be able to find that soap again because they moved into winter fragrances. (I know, selfish!)

        I am VERY fair skinned, and my skin gets so red and irritated from the air! My lips chap, my hands hurt, redness and irritation keep me up at night- it’s quite annoying! I’ve found a few things that have worked REALLY well for me and wanted to share!

     When i have dry, itchy legs and absolutely nothing helps my go to product is Doctor Sweet Tooth’s Handmade Scented Bath Milk. It is made with soothing powdered milk which is full of lactic acid. This ingredient helps to remove dry skin without irritating – like most body scrubs do! It comes in such a variety of scents and makes an excellent stocking stuffer. My favorite has always been the conversation candies scent, but i’m dying to try the red velvet scent that is currently sitting by the fireplace in my stocking!

 For Dry, chapped lips i have a couple solutions. I typically use Tarte’s frxtion and my favorite Key Lime balm from northridge gardens  that i always pick up when i’m in Smithville, at Little Egg Harbor Soap Company. 

      Lately, since Tarte has discontinued the Frxtion balm/scrub i’ve switched over to both Lush and Doctor Sweet Tooth. I love that Lush’s lip scrubs are edible sugar, taste great and really do the job well. I am dying to try doctor sweet tooth’s new lip scrubs, so if you have- tell me about it! I do use the Doctor Sweet Tooth gloss. 

 I don’t like to mess with my hair too much, especially in the winter. My favorite luxury product to cure itchy, dry scalps is Wen. The peppermint oil in the cleansing conditioner cools and soothes the scalp unlike any other product i’ve tried. Let’s face it, as a product junkie, i’ve tried it all. 

The only Body Shop product you will ever hear me admit to using is the Hemp Hand Cream. This product is excellent on very dry hands- but it is costly! Don’t share this one with others. Hemp also works really well at brightening tattoos that use reds/greens in them- for all you tatted beauties out there! 

What about you guys out there? What are you Winter Staples? 

Love from the Jersey Girl.

Hi All-

     It’s been a few weeks and i have some great reviews coming this week.I tried out some L’Occitane products, some new soapbox products, white basin…and many more to review! 

       Unfortunately, I am at the Jersey Shore. I’ve lived here all my life and it is completely devastating to drive through areas once populated by people, places and memories- they are now completely decimated. Fires are still burning even though they’ve consumed homes. In another area, there are homes laying in the middle of the road after being completely moved off their foundations. Hoboken and NYC also flooded, Hoboken still has water in the train- station. Words cannot describe the amount of loss there is- people are scared, anxious and freezing. Winter is coming and thousands of people will be without shelter. It’s awful. I took what little paycheck i had from the last two weeks and went to the local store to get as many supplies as i could to donate to a nearby town that my family lives in. The school was ruined and the children will not be returning until December. Its going to be a really shitty holiday season for these people.