What i Love Week #2 ! Little Egg Harbor Soap Company

I’ve mentioned that i’m a product junkie, right? I have an endless array of lotions, scrubs, skincare items- you name it i’ve tried it!  This summer I was down in Smithville, New Jersey- and i found one of the greatest little gems of a store. For those of you who have never been to Smithville, it was a staple in many childhoods until it was abandoned years ago. It is made up of houses that once were actual places- an apothecary, a schoolhouse- and so on. It’s charming. Anyway- Little Egg Harbor Soap Company is the star of Smithville. I will travel the hour and twenty minutes on the turnpike at any time to go shopping there!
 First of all, having been in retail, i’m VERY big on customer service skills. (Beware of this in future posts!) The woman who i always run into there is the sweetest person ever. Not sure if shes the owner or the manager, but she always gives me extra goodies. I’ve given many gifts from this place and it seems like the more i go there, the longer my list gets. They have always been accommodating to me- as not everything in store is online. That’s why i suggest going in person if it’s possible- they have SO many goodies throughout the store it’s worth the trip!
     Sadly, the scent that i fell in love with- Raspberry Lemonade- has since been discontinued. The store makes different soaps for the different seasons. My favorite find was the bath fizzies but i also love the Himalayan bath salts! Another thing that i found in the store was these great soy candles that burn down to a lotion- if you’re unable to get to the store, check out the Kokonut candles here: http://www.laurascountrycandles.com/Home/tabid/36/List/1/CategoryID/3/Category2ID/6/Level/2/Default.aspx

Little Egg Harbor is a soap company that makes handmade soaps/lotions/haircare/skincare. The reason that i love anything handmade in terms of skincare is because it is better for your skin. If you use a lot of products from major retail brands, they use a LOT of alcohol, and most of them have parabens in them. Studies about Parabens have been inconclusive about whether or not it causes skin cancer, but as a light skinned, sensitive skinned woman, i have no desire to put my skin at risk! I also love Little Egg Harbor because they sell different essential oils, which for anyone who makes their own stuff- they’re pretty dang hard to find!!

 I suggest Little Egg Harbor Soap Company because 1) their products ROCK. 2) They’re completely safe and affordable, trust me- i’m a broke college student! I will not spend big money on products. Been there, done that- it’s the same stuff. Be saavy about your money! 3) Their location in Smithville is adorable. I can’t even describe it. If you want to shop online you can view everything they have to offer here- at http://www.lehsoap.com
    I am a product Junkie, but i will forever be a LEH soap connoisseur! I support small businesses over large corporations, mainly because i worked for a lotion company that claimed that they were not only ethical, but safe- and their lotion ruined my skin!

Customer Service: A+
Product: A ( they did get rid of my favorite. Plus, you have to constantly make sure the soap is in a self-draining dish or it disappears)
Shipping/Receive: N/a – in store purchase
Pricing: A
Packaging: Eco Friendly: A+
Safety: A+
Overall- A +


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