This is Week #2.5 because i couldn’t wait another week to tell you about the products i received.

I’ve been on the hunt for a really good scented, handmade body lotion ever since Little Egg Harbor Soap Company got rid of their Raspberry Lemonade. So i took to Youtube, checked out some hauls, and up came a video about a company called Doctor Sweet tooth- which can be found on ETSY as well as http://www.doctorsweettooth.com. Upon checking out their website- and many, many others, i decided to try this company out. They had a lot of appealing flavors, most of which do not say “limited edition” or “seasonal”, which made me really happy. That means i wont have to go searching every season for someone still carrying my favorite scent! Nothing annoys me more than when company’s have a great product, and they discontinue it!

What i loved about Doctor Sweet Tooth was that it’s home made, good for sensitive skin, appeals to many different age groups through their scents, has a variety of products, and MOST importantly it is parabens free. I can’t stress to you guys enough how bad parabens are to your skin. This ingredient is meant to give the products long shelf lives, and interacts with the alcohol in a way that drys out your skin terribly. I’m not sure if this is a ploy by major companies to dry out people’s skin and make them continuously buy their favorite lotion, or what!

Here’s what i ordered the first time around-
1 2oz Gummy Bears Body scrub
1 Raspberry Lemonade Whipped foot scrub
1 Hazelnut Bath bomb
1 8oz Pink Lemon Milk Bath.

It’s really hard to pick which was my favorite. I LOVED the Raspberry Lemonade Whipped foot scrub. I go to the beach year round, and where i’m from people tend to wear flip flops all the time, regardless of whether or not the snow is on the ground. The Whipped Foot Scrub is definitely a product that will keep me coming back. I tried it, and i really like the consistency of it. It lathers a little bit, smells fantastic, and has just the right amount of pumice in it. It may be a luxury item, but its REALLY well priced.  To give you a comparison, the body shop sold a similar (smaller product) for 15.00.  Doctor Sweet Tooth charged 10, and shipping was free. It’s really a fantastic product, and i honestly wouldn’t have minded if it were more expensive, it was totally worth it!  I should mention, since this blog is relatively new, that Product Junkie Girl is a college student, so i am broke as a joke. You will not find any outrageously priced items here, unless i somehow get my hands on a sample!
I love Hazelnut- the smell is so clean, reminds me of coffee, and therefore reminds me of family get gatherings, or meeting up with my best friend for a cup of coffee and chatting away about our lives. The Bath bomb was to die for. I learned a trick a few years ago to make these ginormous bath bombs smaller, so that you get more bang for your buck. Just throw the bomb (IN PLASTIC- OR ELSE YOU WILL GET STUFF EVERYWHERE!) against a really hard surface. Try not to dent anything, especially if you live in your parents house. I take no responsibility for any property damage or skin issues that may result from any of these products- not that i think there will be any. Anyway, the hazelnut bath bomb was really nice. It was not as oily as some of the others i’ve tried, but i also didn’t use the whole thing.
I have to say, i didn’t like the pink lemons scent, but that’s my own fault. I thought it would be like Pink Lemonade and it wasn’t. However- my mom liked it, and i share a bathroom with 3 other people, so if i don’t use it they will. I did enjoy the consistency of the product, and overall it didn’t leave me feeling oily or itchy. Some bath products do that to me. I have extremely sensitive skin.
The Gummi-Bear Body Scrub is fan-freaking-tastic. Based on your skin type, you can pick your own consistency- and i like mine to be a little more oily than sugar filled. I’m not dry, but i like the oil. Another trick i learned in the business is to use an oil product- whether its body scrub, or baby oil mixed with another perfume oil -which doctor sweet tooth sells, and use that instead of shaving cream. Depending on the size of the granules in the scrub, and whether or not it’s sugar, it may make the razor more dull. However, the oil makes the razor glide more smoothly and gives you a closer shave. Go ahead and try that. Let me know what you think! I just loved this product for that reason.
On a side note- while surfing Doctor Sweet Tooth’s website, i found that their body washes are SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) free. Sometimes, this is referred to as “soap free”, but it’s a chemical that creates a lather and also dries out the skin. It’s known to eat away at the protein structure of your skin, which causes a degeneration of the protection layers and ultimately makes you more susceptible to skin/uv damage. Feel free to google that. That’s the gist of that one.

So after receiving my package- I placed the order last saturday, and received it today (Friday), i got this sample of a “solid” perfume called Rock Candy, which i hope is the same as Rock Candy Star, since i ordered it today! Anyway, i loved it- i tried it at about 3pm, and it still smelled at 8 pm. The theory behind solid perfume is that its materials- which sometimes include (and in this case do include) beeswax, soybean , and in some other cases cocoa butter- give off scents the warmer you are. Cocoa butter naturally melts at skin temperature (unless you live in an igloo.)  This is beneficial for those of us who live active lifestyles- the warmer you get, the more the oil gives off its scent. Loved it!

Like i mentioned, i placed another order today, as Doctor Sweet Tooth was having a sale. I ordered a perfume sampler, the solid perfume, Dry shampoo, more body scrub, and a dry oil. There were other products, but i am most excited to try the dry shampoo- smell the different scents, and get the Conversation hearts dry oil. When i was younger, my grandmother used to bring over the necco conversation hearts every year on Valentines day. Since she is no longer with me, and i can’t have candy (i’m on a strict diet- i promised one of my favorite cousins i’d loose weight for her wedding!) i thought this would be a very sweet way to remember someone who i love dearly, and “carry” her with me. I can’t even tell you how excited i was to find this product on etsy.

For those of you who are looking to find out more about Doctor Sweet Tooth, i urge you to seek out the products. Try some. Try them all. Tell me what you loved. Tell me what you didn’t (within reason. Nasty comments on this blog are at my discretion and will be deleted. Blog Reviews are at my discretion, but i will gladly take them down if any of the companies ask me to do so.)  These reviews are my own personal opinions, taken from my own personal experience.

On a side note, i really loved that i could post a question on Doctor Sweet Tooth’s facebook page, and i received a quick response. Most of the comments on the page reflected my own sentiments- fantastic products, great customer service, fast turn around. Overall, this company deserves an A+ in my book. I did read some complaints about the size of the “free sample”. To those people i say, shush, before you ruin it for everyone. Nobody has to offer free samples. I also hope they realize they don’t need THAT much of the solid perfume- a little bit goes a long way!

For more information on Doctor Sweet Tooth, feel free to check out:
http://www.doctorsweettooth.com/   where you will find links to follow the company’s facebook page, as well as their multitude of bath, body and home products.

For the Etsy fans of the world: http://www.etsy.com/shop/doctorsweettooth which is where i found the conversation hearts oil. Will let you know how i like everything next week, even though i will be featuring a new company!

Last but not least- I LOVE LOVE LOVE that there is a special line for the puppies! Oreo can only use the remaining WEN mint products, because a lot of stuff dries out her coat and makes her shed like CRAZY. I’m interested in seeing how she would like the dog care line. If it would stop snowing here in New Jersey, i’d take her to the beach for a fun day, and then try some of the product!

Feel free to comment, ask questions- whatever you want!’

Customer Service: A+
Shipping/Receive Product: A+
Product Packaging: A+ (not overly excessive!)
Products: A+
Pricing: A++
Safety: A++
Overall: A+


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