“There must be quite a few things that a hot both won’t cure, but i don’t know many of them.”- Sylvia Plath

I have to tell you guys that no matter what i write here on this blog today, there are not enough praises that i could sing for what Doctor Sweet Tooth did for my spirits today! I was really, really having a rough day- i have a lot of coursework that is r igorous and i need to get through it because i’m throwing my mother a surprise birthday party next week, and on top of that i applied to another college and am awaiting (impatiently) their responses. I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cutoff all week, and really feeling crappy at the impending work that is ahead of me. But then, i opened my front door and found the two packages from Doctor Sweet Tooth and all was forgotten!

I know that i might have already mentioned that after receiving a few products last week i placed a second and third order, but i’m going to tell you again. I am just over the moon about this company, and they have officially bumped my other favorite company into second place in my heart after today!  The scents that Doctor Sweet Tooth offers really appeal to any age- there are the more fruity scents for the teens and younger generations, the flowery, the clean scented, the powder scent. I mean, i even got a caramel latte scent- all the yummy scent and none of the calories!

I ordered a few items last week- the Pink Lemon Handmade Scented milkbath (14.50), the mini 2 oz gummi bear sugar scrub, the hazelnut bath bomb, and the Raspberry Lemonade whipped foot scrub. I told you last week that my favorite item had to be the hazelnut bath bomb, but after using all the products all week long– i honestly can’t find one thing that i like better than the other- i just love them all! Doctor Sweet Tooth’s owner was kind enough to send a sample of Rock Candy (or Rock Star Candy) Solid Perfume that my boyfriend just couldn’t stop smelling- so i knew i was going to be placing another order.

This weeks order included a roll on oil and dry oil perfume in Conversation Hearts. HANDS DOWN, I love this scent. LOVE it. I would most likely get it in every single product, if it were available. I love it because it’s a little fruity but also demure. At the same time, i love conversation hearts because they remind me of my Grandma, who i love so so much and miss everyday. I really like dry oil perfume because it makes your skin feel pretty silky. The roller ball on the roll on oil didn’t work very well, but i don’t mind because i got enough of the product out. This was a gift from my boyfriend because he knows just how i flipped when i saw it online– Happy Belated Valentines Day to all.

I also ordered the gummi bear bubble bath, whipped scrub, rock candy dry shampoo, rock candy solid perfume, and also a few different spritzes so i could get a better idea about the different scents (lollipop,tutti fruti, caramel latte, cotton candy, pink candy, and i forgot the other.) Also amazing.

What i really like is customer service i receive on every order. The items were packaged well, sent rather quickly, and arrived in perfect condition. The transaction is generally fast. To give you an idea, i ordered these products as well as a product from another company on 2/10. today is the 16th, and the other company hasn’t shipped yet citing the fact that their products are handmade. So is doctor sweet tooth’s!

Anyway, i would rate this transaction just as i did with week 2.5- A+, highly recommended. I really just think this company is amazing and they do believe in truly making safe products, which is a plus in my book. One thing i am dying to try from this company is actually their Cold Process Cabernet Merlot Soap- but i’m so over filled with bars of soap from LEH Soap that i held off on purchasing this time around. It seems like it would be great and i love that it’s environmentally safe. I also definitely want to reorder another milk bath. Mine’s going so quick but i LOVE it. I honestly hope that anyone who comes across this blog will try out Doctor sweet tooth, either at http://www.doctorsweettooth.com or on etsy at http://www.etsy.com/shop/doctorsweettooth  !!

I also received another gift from my wonderful boyfriend mike, that i will not say i didn’t love- because i do! (I love anything he gives me!) but, it reminded me of this L.A Looks hairgel that my mom used in the 80’s to slick back her hair. It was the “Skinny Girl’ Margarita bath set that Mike ordered for me. The smell wasn’t bad or over powering, and the lotion seems pretty nice. I didn’t look at the label this time around so i couldn’t tell you much about that, but overall i was MUCH more impressed with the Doctor Sweet Tooth products than i was the Margarita bath set.

Next week, if i’m lucky. i will have received the products i ordered on the 10th, and also my first lush products. I’ve never tried so i think it will be interesting! In the meantime i’m working on producing a blog about  the top 10 products under 10.00 that i use as well as the 5 products totally worth splurging on. I think you will all like it! Since nobody told me what their favorite product they use is, i would love to hear back from you! What is your #1 go to product and why?!


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