quick update: be on the look out for -redacted!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to all the new followers. Thanks for supporting me!! So i am really strapped for time this week, so i am going to do my -redacted company name- review, which will be available to read tomorrow. The results of the poll indicated that you guys are interested in a top ten list of products i use daily, as well as a list of products i wish i didn’t spend my money on. I do have a ton of products and have decided that i will not be purchasing ANY new products until i use up at least ten bottles / products! That post is already in the works, but for those of my followers who are my facebook friends, you know i’m throwing a surprise birthday party this weekend for my mother, so the week is insane. I’m also STILL waiting for my-company name redacted- product to get here- i ordered on 2/10. Coming up in the next few weeks reviews- sweettreat cosmetics, diamond candles, skinnygirl skincare, the body shop skincare, and my pick for the best (and worst) product i own! Keep your eyes open! Thanks for the support everyone!

Have you guys tried any of the products i’m talking about? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!!


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