$11.95 for a 4 ounce tub of dangerous substances.

 I have decided that I will not be using this blog to write reviews on any product that I would not suggest using for a wide variety of reasons. The blog that I promised you guys will not be coming because I am concerned for your own well being, and wouldn’t want to give any free publicity to a product that truly puts people at risk. I make no apologies for putting your safety and my own first.

I really liked the products I purchased, until I did some digging on the web about the product and found that it has the shelf-life preservative Methylparabens. MANY studys have been conducted and have linked methylparabens to male infertility, skin cancer, breast cancer, and eye damage. According to Traci Vandermark of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, “Methylparaben is listed by the Hazardous Substances Data Bank as a food preservative, as well as a preservative for cosmetics. It is a fungicide, which can preserve the life of a product. The HSDB states that methylparaben is quickly absorbed through the skin and the intestinal tract (when used as a food preservative). There is a great deal of controversy surrounding its use, with many reports of dangerous side effects.” ( Vandermark, 2011) I should have admittedly done more research before putting this product on my skin. Shame on me. For those of you who want to see more about Methylparabens, check out the article here: http://www.livestrong.com/article/21581-dangers-methylparaben/

I first learned of Methylparabens when I was working for a large “ethical” cosmetic and beauty company. When a customer asked me, I fed her my usual “it’s all natural” schpiel I was highly brainwashed into giving. She opened the label, and showed me the chemical that she told me causes skin cancer. I looked it up and did my own research into this subject matter. It’s very scary. I am a very fair, very sensitive skinned person, and I do not think that four ounces of a potential skin condition is worth it. I will not put you, myself, or any of my readers at risk. This company claims that they use Methylparabens because it’s been used in cosmetics forever, and it is the safest chemical they have found, urging people to ignore the hype that has been “disproved”. I invite you and urge you to do your own research on the matter and form your own opinion. Simply put, any product that I am concerned about will not have a place in this Product Junkie’s blog.

For those of you in the world with super sensitive skin like my own, I suggest sticking to affordable and handmade soaps, skin products, and makeups. While they may be more expensive than your drug store, and less expensive than overly hyped chain cosmetics, they are truly the best thing for your skin- with honest and true ingredients and nothing to preserve the shelf life. In fact, I think you will like the products so much it won’t be on any shelf very long!

The two skincare and body shops that I use most for handmade, natural, paraben and SLS free products are Little Egg Harbor Soap Company, and Doctor Sweet Tooth. Personally, i’m a little obsessed with both. LEH is in a great little place in New Jersey, known as Historic Smithville, and Doctor Sweet Tooth is truly talented in the art of not only making fantastic products but giving EXCELLENT customer service. I will link both at the bottom of this.

I have been looking into soy and vegan cosmetics, and so far the only one that I have ordered from is Sweet Treat Cosmetics, who are on Facebook. If I get those products this week, I promise I will make up for refusing to review these products and review Sweet Treat!

Doctor Sweet Tooth: www.doctorsweettooth.com

Little Egg Harbor Soap: www.LEHSoap.com

Sweet Treat Cosmetics: http://www.sweettreatcosmetics.com/


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