Diamond Candles

I have to tell you about this really neat product that I found a week or so ago called “Diamond Candles”. It’s like Christmas, goodness, and love- in jar form! Each and every candle has a ring inside of the it (protected by plastic of course!). It definitely tests your patience! If you look at a lot of the youtube videos for the ring reveals, people dig and dig and ruin their candles until they get to the ring! I swore it wouldn’t be me. Since I am looking to get engaged, I had high hopes and informed my boyfriend that these candles were now number one at the top of my wish list for all upcoming holidays, birthdays, and occasions!

I really like soy candles because the soybean oil in them are great to use on your skin. Especially if you have eczema, like I occasionally get! All natural is the way to go in terms of such serious skin issues. Not only does this awesome product have a diamond ring that ranges in cost from $10-5,000 but it can be used as body lotion, and is an incredibly fragrant candle! That’s three awesome gifts in one! I really really wanted to try the carnival candy scent, and I also wanted the candle because my room is pink, so I figuired it would go perfectly. Since they are so popular and sell out SO quickly, I decided to settle for the cupcake scent. It’s pretty nice, and over all i’m happy with the candle! My next will have to be Carnival Candy, though!

These candles make an excellent gift! It is truly so exciting to receive the candle and anticipate just what the beautiful ring inside looks like! Fantastic!

Based on my use of the candle over three days my ratings are as follows:

Customer Service: A++. I received my confirmation notice and shipping notice within an hour!
Product: A++ – It burns well, smells great, and is made of soybean- its useful in many ways
Shipping/Receive: A++- candle came wrapped incredibly well in bubble wrap.
Pricing: A+, similar price to Yankee Candle, who offers no soybean candles or rings!
Packaging: A+, minimal packaging but done well to protect the product means an A+ in the eco friendly category!
Safety: A+ – NEVER leave candle unattended, regardless of the company or make of candle, and no matter how badly you want that ring! 🙂
Overall- A ++

Get your diamond candle here–> http://www.diamondcandles.com/ and let your candle/jewlery addiction begin!


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