week #5- my favorite products!

I decided that I just have SO many products that i’m going to start shopping what I have and telling you about what I love ( or don’t love) until I use up ten products. I’ve used two products so far! I’ll keep you updated on project re-shop in the coming weeks.

This is a photo of 13 of my favorite products that I think are truly fantastic- I will go through each one and link them here.

#1) Urban Kitchen Soy 6 Ounce Candle in French Vanilla and Coconut Verbana.- This candle is made of handpoured soy wax and is held in a tin can wrapped in decorative paper. $8.00 on etsy. I’m sentimental so I love that my brother gave me this candle for my birthday, but at the same time it reminds me of this candle my grandmother used to have. I love the scent, and have got quite some use out of it. I love that it burns more cleanly than my brand-name candles. I also love that it is soy. The scent really permeates the whole house!

#2) Toothy Tab from Lush- I wasn’t sure whether or not I should share this product, because I did decide not to review some other Lush Products. However, the toothy tabs are pretty awesome. I have been using them for only a few weeks and they make my mouth feel so clean. The taste is a little overpowering and might make you sick, but other than that, the product itself is awesome! At 3.95 for a box of 50 tablets, I would totally suggest trying them!

#3) Brush Set- Every Glamour Girl needs a great brush set. I accumulated quite a few from the Body Shop that were great quality, but I wanted a whole set when I was interested in getting into the industry. This particular set, I don’t know how much it was because it was a gift, but it came with 12 brushes and sells on amazon.com for about 25.00. Not bad! Plus, they’re so easy to wash.

#4) WEN Hair Care- You guys know how I feel about WEN. If you don’t, check out my first week of reviews. Wen is about 34.00 a bottle, so it’s a little expensive. However, if you use it properly your results will be phenomenal!

#5) Flirt Eyeshadow from Kohls.com in Birthday Cake- $13.50- This is a really great highlighter color for your face, but I also love it as an eye shadow. I have deep set eyes so it’s often difficult to have makeup showup on my skin, but this color and formula really is to die for.

#6) Raspberry Lemonade Body Butter- This is my favorite product of ALL TIME. Little Egg Harbor Soap Co’s Raspberry Lemonade Scent is the most wonderful thing I have ever smelled in my life. LOVE it. Sadly, this $9.50 item has been discontinued for the time being. SAD!

#7) Kokonut Kandle- $8.00 on http://www.laurascountrycandles.com/Home/tabid/36/List/1/CategoryID/3/Category2ID/6/Level/2/Default.aspx

However, I paid 10.00 at another store that sold these. I love this candle because it melts down into a lotion. It is a soy candle, which means it burns relatively smoothly. The scents are fantastic too!

#8) Rock Candy Dry Shampoo from Doctor Sweet Tooth- $9.95 and comes in MANY different scents. I love this dry shampoo. I’m someone who was washing their hair 2 times a day, everyday. I hated the way my hair looked after long hours. I hated the powdery look of some other dry shampoos and baby powders- but I find that if I use a big foundation brush and brush this product into my hair it truly makes a difference. Another scent I like is the conversation hearts, available on the etsy site or at www.doctorsweettooth.com! Love it!

#9) Sweet Treat Eye Shadows- $5.00 a pot. Www.sweettreatcosmetics.com- This vegan friendly handmade eye shadow is fantastic. My favorite is the purple plum, but all of them go on really smoothly and stay on fairly long! You can order 1.00 samples, and you get a fair amount to use!

#10) Mask of Magnaminty -Lush- This item was pretty expensive- I think the full size is 30.00- but I got the small size for 15.00 and it works well. I like the feeling the mint in the mask gives my skin. I also use it on blemishes and possible break outs. It is available from http://www.lush.com

  1. Rock Candy solid perfume- www.doctorsweettooth.com, $8.95- LOVE this product. The idea behind solid perfume is that as your body tempeture rises the wax will melt and give off the specific scent. It is long lasting and if I had to pick an absolute favorite, this item would be it! 
  2. /makeup forever hd prime
  3. makeup forever hd foundationBoth of these products are fairly expensive, but they are the BEST foundation and BEST primer I have ever used. I have tried every foundation under the sun to find one that wont make me break out badly or irritate it. Most foundations have illuminators in it, which my skin is allergic to. This primer and foundation not only provide you with fantastic coverage, it really doesn’t make me break out at all! I paid about $50.00 total for both at sephora and would recommend this to EVERYONE!

    Comment below if you’ve ever tried one of these!


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