Week 6.5- Jewelry Stampings for Diamond Candles-

Someone requested that i create a post about Jewelry stampings because i do have experience in jewelry repair. Not all jewelry is stamped, and not all the rings in diamond candles will be stamped- however here is a runthrough of the meanings :

fas925- this is italian sterling silver and may also be represented as 925

14k – or P14k – means that it is 14k gold or white gold- P just stands for PLUMB, which means it is high quality.

Thailand/china= made in thailand, china, etc.

IF there is no marking in it and it looks fake, it may very well be.

On the other hand, some antique rings made prior to the ’50’s have no marking on the interior.

Also, i suggest taking it to a local jeweler if you suspect it is real as they can test the stones and tell you the proper way to care for it. A lot of semiprecious stones should NOT be in heat or held under water. Similarly, others should not be put in cleaning solution.

There are diamond tests- but the easiest thing to do and not risk damaging it is to take it to a jeweler!


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