Week #6- shopping my stash!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry i didn’t get to post this week very much. Unfortunately there are a lot of personal things happening in my life that have prevented me from sitting down. When i finally did, i was out cold from exhaustion.

I’ve been working on shopping my own stash lately since i am a broke college student, who is now a broke graduate student. I also really have a ton of great products that i forgot about. I decided that until i used ten of the products i currently have (and after hitting the 10 mark so quickly, i moved it to 20) i would not purchase any new products. So far, very good. I’ve rediscovered some really good products and cleared out room for new products by using products i’d never repurchase.

Similarly, i am dying to get a new purse. I did work for a prestigious bag company, as well as a skincare and bath/body company, for many years so i think my next post will probably include a march favorites list.

As for now, the products i have used include:

1. The Body Shop’s Brazil Nut Moisture Mask- which i got for about $8.00. This product was totally cool, but i did buy it in 2008 and they no longer make it, so even though i totally would buy it again, i couldn’t. They came out with some new hair treatments in 2009 but it just doesn’t compare.

2. Little Egg Harbor Soap Company’s Watermelon Body Butter- 9.50- I would call this a “sleeper” product. I have had it in my drawer since this summer, and only used it occasionally. After rediscovering it, i really fell in love with the scent. I don’t know if i would purchase it in the body butter again, but certainly would love some bath salts or soap in the scent! For those of you who don’t know the company, check them out at http://www.lehsoap.com

3. Doctor Sweet Tooth Milk Bath in Pink Lemon- $14.50- Okay, so i have to admit it might be the only product i didn’t love from doctor sweet tooth. The Milk Bath it self is AWESOME, it uses goat milk and truly softens your skin. However i hated the scent. I used it within just two weeks of purchasing it so i could get a better scent- conversation hearts. I Love it and have already repurchased: )

4. Doctor Sweet Tooth Bath Bomb Hazelnut – 80 mm $5.75- I have had a lot of bath bombs in my life. I love the scent of the hazelnut, and Doctor Sweet tooth is my most favorite company ever. I do like it, and would repurchase it. However, i do really like Little Egg Harbor Soap Company’s bath bombs a bit more since they are harder and can be broken against a hard surface and be used a couple times. It might be because i ordered a milk bath bomb, which would use the goat milk, but i don’t remember. Regardless, check out doctor sweet tooth on etsy or at doctorsweettooth.com

5. Body Shop Satsuma Body Lotion- $15.00- I like the scent and the fact that it was glycerin soap, which means that it’s sls free and not drying. However, i wouldn’t repurchase. There are enough good products out there that i could find something i loved without making a trip so far. (Like Dr. Sweet Tooth!)

6. Wen Hair Care Conditioning Cleanser- $38.00- Lavender Mint- I love Wen, but it is expensive. I would repurchase though because it truly made my hair super soft! Follow the directions to a T and your results will be fabulous.

7. The Body Shop Body Scrub in Raspberry- i paid 5.00 on clearance. I know why it was clearance. Stained bathtub to prove it!

8. Doctor Sweet Tooth Gummi Bear Body Scrub- Hands down will repurchase. Amazing scent, custom made to your preferences. I use it as a shaving cream- it makes my skin super soft and the oil gives you a close shave!

9. Yankee Candle- Black Raspberry Candle, $22.00 in 2007.  I decided to use up a candle so i could replace it with a diamond candle . Black Raspberry is my favorite scent, but it was discontinued years ago! Anyone have any suggestions for similar scents? I thought maybe bath and body works would have a similar scent, but they only had sun ripened raspberries. I’d pass.

10. Raspberry Lemonade Soap- Little Egg Harbor – I would repurchase but naturally the scent is gone. I would definitely get another soap bar from them because i love to take a trip down to Smithville NJ to get more! Especially with the nice weather we’ve been having. I am also dying to try Doctor Sweet Tooth’s cold process Merlot Soap– absolutely dying to try it.

I challenge you guys to try shopping your own stash. Talk about it here! What are you loving? What are you hating? What product do you really want to try?!


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