Graduate School Gifts- Week 7!

I know that i’ve been trying to not purchase anything in terms of products until i manage to use up more products. So far i’ve used up 11 products that were just laying around my house. However, this was kind of a special week. I was accepted into graduate school for Mental Health Counseling- and so i decided to do a little shopping!

First of all, shout out to the wonderful bloggers who seemed to all be tweeting about spring nail colors this week. I was especially inspired by this bloggers post:

I was also inspired by this post:

and especially loved the Mucci Pucci pink polish, so i decided to pair it with the Turquoise and caicos color.  So, Thank you ladies! 🙂

Colors from left to right: To buy or not to buy, Sand Tropez, Turquoise and Caicos, Gucci Muchi Puchi, Beach Bum Blu and Good to Go. Oddly enough my favorite is now the Sand Tropez 🙂 I never had a beige nailpolish before.

The Turquioise and Caicos paired with Gucci Muchi Puchi looked like this: 

It was cute, but it didn’t last (thus the “Good to Go”  top coat. Hopefully the next color stays.)  Essie is a nice brand, but it’s pretty expensive. In Target it’s 8.00, at Bed Bath and Beyond i paid 7.95. However, shout out to my friend who works at a local beauty store- Alison F., who let me know they were actually having a sale on their essie polishes and i think i got it for about 5.95 a pop- worth it. I don’t know that i’d become a loyal Essie Polish person, because i feel like i could find a color in any other brand, and of similar quality. I’m going to have to play and experiment some more with them.

I also picked up a new Diamond Candle, in carnival candy.

It’s my second Diamond Candle- and i LOVED the carnival candy scent. My boyfriend, Michael (who consequently told me that he reads this from time to time to see what i like best and get ideas for presents) also really liked the smell. Its very nice. The ring (on top of cupcake candle) is fake, as was the second ring i got from the Carnival candy. If you want to check it out for yourself, go to I actually learned a trick to make the candle melt quickly so you can get to the ring, especially if you have a yankee candle ‘jar topper’- this product is made specifically for yankee candle and mine is old, so if it doesn’t fit your candle, sorry! Anyway, a lot of complaints are about the wick sparking (which is scary, and mine did) or about tunneling- but i cut my wick as directed to 1/4 inch and placed the topper on there and it burned evenly and quickly! I

Other than that, i bought a really great turquoise blazer that i’m DYING to find something coral to go underneath. Have been unable to do so, but will post pictures when it arrives this week.

I am 5’8 and couldn’t walk in these shoes so they didn’t make their debut at a party recently, so i decided that since i’m working on photos on my website and facebook, that they should make their way into the photos- these products are totally me!

On a side note, i hit 100 views today and would like to thank EVERYONE who has read or clicked on my link, and especially those who have commented 🙂

Back to my studying now– i guess that’s how i got into graduate school. Happy Sunday All! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Graduate School Gifts- Week 7!

    • The color combo was great but im really disappointed in essie- the to buy or not to buy just applied so streaky and really isn’t that great. i do love turquoise and caicos and the gucchi mucchi pucchi color though! Thanks for suggesting! =)

      • Their formulas can be a little inconsistent–for me, T&C applies really nicely, but I did have to work pretty hard for Muchi. Have you tried any Zoya polishes? They definitely have a much more consistent formula.

  1. I love it with the pink undertones in Gucci Muchi Puchi! And I’m glad I helped get your inspiration going! Essie works really well with my chemistry so I tend to lean towards that brand, but I agree with the price which is why I always have really good luck on Amazon.

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