Coming up this week:

HI everyone- DONT FORGET ABOUT MY SOCIAL MEDIA CONTEST- You must add my group on facebook and comment on the wall which product you are dying to try (and you may win it!) , send me a tweet on twitter about what product i’ve reviewed that you want to try (@prductjunkiegrl) or reply in the comments- i will pick one winner from each of the media sites and let them pick one item i’ve reviewed, and purchase it for them!  (It can be from Wen, Doctor Sweet Tooth, Little Egg Harbor, Lush, Urban Kitchen, Essie, or Diamond Candles! )

Finally, things have died down a bit at school, so i have a few reviews that will be coming to you this week. I am awaiting my conscious box which i should have by thursday, and am awaiting responses from a few etsy shop owners to see if it’s okay that i review their product. Remember, if i don’t like it, you won’t find it on this blog!

On a side note, I’m super disappointed with the quality and price of the essie nailpolishes i posted last week- the color is runny and for $8.00 a bottle, there’s got to be a better product out there. I am in a spring friendly mood and dying to find a coral polish to match my new aqua blazer. Any suggestions?!


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