Spotlight on Crushed Botanicals: Milk Chocolate Anti Oxidant Clay Mask.

Youtube videos happen to be a great source of inspiration to us in the world of beauty. Product Hauls, Beauty Gurus, tag videos, products you regret buying videos- i have been watching these non-stop and editing my “wish list”, (and placing orders for the most awesome discoveries!) 

One particular video I found actually introduced me to Doctor Sweet Tooth’s product line on Etsy. For those of you who have no idea what etsy is- its almost like an ebay for small business owners who make handmade products or sell vintage items. It is so awesome- type in a phrase and dozens of healthy for you skincare lines, bath and body products, and makeup pop up. This is exactly how I found this weeks company and products: Crushed Botanicals.

I have to make a confession- i’ve been using my skin as a guinea pig for the past six or seven years. I used many products so that I could learn about what is on the market and how it relates and compares to other products- and my once beautiful/sensitive porcelain skin has somehow become a piece of leather. I am 100% Irish, light skinned, light eyed and have a lot of issues thanks to the sun- i’ve had sun poisoning at least twice every summer, no matter the SPF I use. The point is, I needed to find a product that was going to make my skin stop looking like my grandmothers (large pores, leathery, yellow) and start looking like the beautiful skin I once had.

I came across Crushed Botanicals after seeing their pineapple and papaya mask on etsy. I dug a little deeper to find out that Crushed Botanicals is an organic line that creates not only its own skin care products, but has a great selection of liquid foundations, eye shadows, and body scrubs. I truly believe in and value products that are made with natural products and essential oils- as I know first hand how many of the products that claim to be “vegan” or “all natural”, contain some really harsh things. I suggest you read up on methylparabens and check your products from major retailers. It’s in there, and it is linked to skin cancer, but I encourage you to make your own decisions about that!

Anyway, one of the best things about Crushed Botanicals is the level of customer service that you receive from the owner, Kelli. She answered my questions quickly and kept me up to date on its shipping. Since this product is hand made, there is a little bit of a wait time- 4 days- but its 100% completely worth the wait! On , Kelli shows her dedication to making the customer happy and truly giving them the opportunity to find the products that work for them.

The product I ended up ordering, even though I seriously wanted to try the pineapple papaya mask (I know it’s not for my skin type!), was the Milk Chocolate Anti Oxidant Clay Mask, which you mix with your own liquid- water works fine! I haven’t quite figured out how to get anymore fancy than that, but the etsy shop does say that you can mix it with green tea or other liquids. (All I had was green-tea-iced-tea mix, and I didn’t think THAT was going to work! Could you imagine?!) The ingredients listed were:

Kaolin Clay- Bentonite Clay-Cocoa Powder-Milk Powder-Sodium Bicarbonate

I can’t make a single complaint about this item. I thought it was just going to be a fun, great smelling mask that didn’t irritate my skin. I can honestly say that this particular mask was better (and less expensive, more product) than the Mask of Magnaminity that I ordered just recently. When I used the Milk Chocolate Anti Oxidant Clay Mask, which by the way, was $8.00 plus shipping, so I think it was a total of 14.95, my skin felt so great. It was tighter, looked more “dewy” and my pores were minimized. That’s right! My skin was tighter, smoother, brighter, younger looking and my pores that often look like Crater Face’s from Grease – were barely visible. For the price of this Item and it’s effectiveness, i’d be willing to stop this review right now and say A+ across the board. But then, there’s still one more item.

I haven’t been able to find this product on the website as of yet, and it was a free-bie as a result of a delay in shipping which nobody was at fault for, but it is my ABSOLUTE favorite skin toner that I have ever tried. Mind you, I worked for five different leading cosmetic companies and I have tried just about everything on the market. Cross my heart, there is absolutely nothing like it. It is the Lavender and Chamomile toner. (Pictured on the right). Even though I only received this a week ago, I have been using it non-stop. I thought I had the cleanest skin ever and I had been using an overpriced, ineffective toner from a “miracle dead sea” line that my poor mom got suckered into buying around christmas time by a man in the mall (shame on them for picking on my poor mom). It was the only toner that didn’t make my skin oily. However, the Lavender and Chamomile toner from Crushed Botanicals is beyond the greatest that i’ve had. The smell is just indescribable- it’s clean, its luxurious, and my goodness, when I used it (if you get grossed out easily, just skip to the next paragraph) the dirt that came off of my face was absolutely shocking, considering the amount of product I use to keep it clean and free of dirt. ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING (And disgusting.) A similar product by Crushed Botanicals, listed as Crushed Lime Deep Cleanse toner, sells for $12.00. If you’re really dying to try the Lavender and Chamomile, I would suggest contacting the owner as I might just be missing it on the website.

I looked into this company only after having such a positive experience, and i’m actually really mad at myself. There have been dozens of rave reviews about the foundation and Mineral Makeup that Crushed Botanicals produces, and I am like, highly allergic to all foundations that I have tried (except for Makeup Forever HD). Even the so-called “Safe” makeup like Physicians formula has irritated the daylights out of my skin, and so I wish I had thought to try this. I actually just saw a discussion on facebook about the foundation and when I tell you everyone was raving about it, i’m not kidding. (Hi to the “Indie Beauty Junkies” out there!)

Customer Service: A++, Kelli, the owner of Crushed Botanicals, was more than helpful and available to me whenever I sent her an email.
Shipping/Receive Product: A. There was an issue with shipping but it was totally taken care of, but I felt like because I mentioned this I couldn’t give an A+ in this area. Remember that this product is hand made when you are purchasing it, so add in a few days wait for shipping time! 🙂
Product Packaging: A++, So clean and crisp looking. Easy to use, and surface easy to clean.
Products: Both Products get A++’s because they were honestly that spectacular. I truly encourage you to not believe me and try them yourself, because I know you will love it!
Pricing: A++. The body shop sells a chamomile toner for 14.00. It has a ton of chemicals in it. Save yourself two bucks and get this one!
Safety: A++
Overall: A++ . BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!

If I had to tell you right now my 5 favorite products, in all honesty, crushed botanical’s toner and mask would be at the very top. 

Have you ever tried Crushed Botanicals? Comment below and let me know what you tried and if you loved it!

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5 thoughts on “Spotlight on Crushed Botanicals: Milk Chocolate Anti Oxidant Clay Mask.

  1. Whoohoo, thanks for the shout-out to Indie Beauty Junkies on Facebook! Crushed Botanicals is one of my all-time fave indie companies. Kelli is everything a dependable seller should be and more, she has been so awesome to me! And since you mentioned it, I highly recommend the Pineapple and Papaya Mask for anyone in need of gentle exfoliation, particularly on problem skin. And for the price, it’s a great value, as I’ve seen very similar products go for at least double what Kelli charges.

    • Right on! I was dying to try the pineapple mask, but it wasn’t for my skin type. Papaya is really good for exfoliating though. I agree that a lot of less effective products go at much higher rates- it’s quite affordable, and even a few weeks later, i’m still using the toner daily- i LOVE it! The scent is just so calming.

  2. These products sound fabulous! I will definitely check them out. I’m always looking for products that are less harsh and paraben / preservative-free. Thanks for the heads up about this company! 🙂

  3. You are absolutely right about methyl parabens being linked to cancer-very very true…it’s supposed to be banned in so many countries,but still quietly finds its way in so many branded products-We’re so careful about what we eat-shouldn’t we also be careful about what we feed our skin??;)
    Natural preservatives are the order of the day,and that’s what I truly believe in 🙂

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