Kindness is sexy. (CLOSED)

I know that this is a beauty blog- i write about makeup and skincare and happen to be rather passionate about it. Yet there is something i find way more beautiful and sexy in life than good skin, or looking great- it’s being a good, kind person. Everyone in this world, in this moment, is suffering, even if it’s the slightest degree. As someone pursuing a degree in the field of Mental health, i can tell you that even though the people you come across in your daily life smile at you and are really kind to you- they may be going through something very serious- something that nobody may know about. When was the last time you did something to touch a persons heart?

Sylvia Plath tells us that there are few things that a warm bath cannot repair, but i’ve seen quite a few over the last few weeks that only kindness can change. I’ve been struggling myself to deal with my boyfriend’s traumatic brain injury, and all it took was reconnecting with an old friend of mine (or really, two) to make me realize that everyone is truly having a hard time right now in life. Yet, we pick on people for the clothes they wear or the things they say- we nitpick because they are different or because they are so wonderful we are jealous. Regardless, when this world is already so negative, why spread more negativity? Why not spread a little love? Why not tell the waitress who was just scolded by another table how wonderful she looks? Why not give your elderly neighbor a manicure or mow their lawn? Listen to a few stories- enjoy each others company.

I’ve decided that beginning today, the winner will be announced at midnight on March 28th (12:00AM EST), I’m going to run another contest. (By the way, congratulations to fellow blogger Amatorium on winning the lush giftcard on my last contest!) To enter this contest, all I want you to do is make someones day, and tell me about it in the comments below! Whether you reached out to an old friend you’ve been thinking about, or volunteered to walk a neighbors dog, or took a friend food shopping- tell me about the way you’ve done something nice for someone else. Since i’m going to use the random generator to generate a #, the more you enter, the more you can win. I am going to pick one winner for a 50.00 e-gift card to either Sephora or Lush. (winner’s choice!) It is open to everyone- so feel free to enter and tell friends about it. If someone has made your day- feel free to tell us about that too!

What I hope to find is that not only do we make another person in our life feel good, but in doing our good deeds, we will also make ourselves feel good! Spread a little joy and kindness! The saying goes- “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, so while I will let you know about my kindness, I wont be counting myself in the contest.

 Please note that I am providing the gift card and this is a giveaway meaning there is no money or gambling involved. It is completely random and open to all who demonstrate an act of kindness in their day! 


41 thoughts on “Kindness is sexy. (CLOSED)

  1. Just before class there was a girl who was fighting with someone on the phone. Immediately after she hung up, she spilled her coffee and said “Man, I am just having the WORST day”, leaving to go grab some paper towels to clean it up. We had a quiz in class shortly there after, and when I finished taking mine I ran across campus to get her a new cup of coffee. I cam back late, flushed, and wet from the rain but put the coffee on her desk without a word. I was really embarrassed that the class saw me do that, but I could NOT stop thinking about her during my quiz. As class ended she smiled and thanked me, but honestly it wasn’t necessary. I know what it is like to have EVERYTHING go wrong, and just wish that someone would just bring me a cup of coffee to help me get through the day.

    • Fallon,
      Thanks for the comment and for being a great and supportive friend all the way across the country!! It may not be coffee, but i hope i made your day a little brighter! Check your inbox over the next couple of days to see what im talking about 😉

  2. Thanks Kate!

    I got my sexy on today by meeting a new classmate at midterms this morning and making a topic more clear for her, which was on the impending doom of a midterm in experimental psych! Yikes!

  3. Awesome idea!! I had met someone through my blog a couple weeks ago during my blog sale, and she told me she was going through a tough time with her father’s battle against cancer. She said she felt so much better after swapping a few e-mails and having someone just listen to her! I guess she just needed someone to talk to and a little makeup pick me up! I felt really happy I could do this for her, I didn’t even know her situation till the last conversation! Really let’s you know that whomever it is, you never know if you’re going to make someone’s day by just being nice to them! 🙂 I threw in a few extra things in her package as a little gift!

  4. This is a really cool contest. For my entry, well I don’t really know if I made anyone’s day but I volunteered at a Book Fest at the University in my town. They needed people with backgrounds in science to help run a DNA booth. It was to promote science to kids and get them interested and thinking about things they probably never thought about. I spent the whole day helping kids make DNA necklaces and after I finished with one boy, the mom said she was really impressed with how I broke though her kid. I told her how it was no problem and I was happy to help. She then told me how he was autistic and activities like that were hard for him. I had experience working with autistic kids before, but after hearing that it made me happy that I was able to brighten at least one persons day. The whole day it was freezing and I was really tired, but that moment made everything worth it.

    • Totally awesome Natasha!! You volunteered your time and i bet you that the mother and her son had a really awesome day together because you made it nice for them! Great Job! Consider yourself entered! 🙂

    • (PS. Everyone who comments: check back at midnight on the 28th of March!! And even if you’ve already entered, but done something nice, feel free to post again! The more good you do, the more chances you have to win!)

  5. oh my goodness, this is great! this is kinda what my blog is about: random acts of kindness and all positives about my life! a friend of mine has been having trouble finding good running/walking shoes so i just had her come to my house and let her go through my shoes (that i have bought but NEVER WORN-guilty with about 50 pairs) to pick whatever she wanted and however many she wanted! she’s also the friend i always take to dinner for some “girl time” because she just found out her mom has cancer and i’d hate for her to feel like she has no one to talk to about it. we do it about once a week. =)

    • I love it. Ive got a ton of designer handbags that legally i’m not supposed to sell, but ive decided to give it to a family member who has decided to make a donation to the person who sparked this post with their inspiring struggle! What an awesome idea and i guarantee every time she wears those shoes she will think of you and your kindness!! You’re entered =) Check back on the 28th at midnight. I think i’m Eastern Standard/daylight time

  6. On Sunday I made the captain of one of my pool teams 2 dozen cupcakes for his birthday (which was on March 7) and brought it to pool league on Monday night this week. I blogged about it on Sunday night. It turns out that he said I was the only one who acknowledged his birthday. =( Aw….

  7. Keep those entries coming everyone! Just a few more days left! Somebody’s gotta win! Great Job — keep making people’s day and invite others to do the same! Today, someone made my day by being super awesome and sending me a great email! I love it!

  8. My brother in law recently shipped off to Afghanistan for the next year and my sister was obviously very distraught and overwhelmed with my 3 yr old nephew and 5 month old nephew. It’s her first time having to be both parents while her husband is overseas. Since she was getting beyond stressed and questioning if she could handle being basically a single parent for the next year, I stayed at her house for a week and took care of the kids so she could relax. I will admit it was hard at times but I love my nephews and I knew my sister needed the break.

  9. What did I do that made someone else feel good? I was talking to a co-worker the other day and she’s in the process of planning her wedding and spoke of something pretty rotten that her soon to be mother-in-law said to her. It was a lousy comment and was full of another person’s belief system being forced upon someone else. I told her her future mother-in-law should be doing a jig that her son was marrying her because truthfully, this girl is someone special, with great values, great work ethics, and very pretty to boot. She really liked my comment and I know I made her feel a bit better in this very stressful time of her life.

  10. Last fall (hope this still counts!) I found myself with an extra flat iron and decided to give it to my cousin. My cousin wants to be a hair dresser and loves all things related to hair. She was so thrilled to get the flat iron!! I received just as much joy giving her the flat iron as she did from receiving the flat iron.

  11. Yesterday my mom showed me a kindness. A drug store was having a one day sale yesterday on Covergirl make-up. With my coupons the products I wanted would be 99 cents!! Feeling under the weather with a cold, my mom graciously went to the store and got the items I wanted. I hate passing up a good sale (with coupons too) and thanks to my mom, I didn’t have to. I have a great mom!!

  12. Yeserday I received a kindness. I received a call from a family friend I hadn’t heard from in a few years. It was so good to hear her voice! She was such an encouragement to me as I shared my struggles and she shared her struggles from the past. I’m sure we were both blessed by the telephone call!

  13. Had someone mail me a birthday card and some money by accidentally thinking that it was for the person that lived previously in my apartment, I wrote her a letter back and returned the card and cash. She wrote me back a sweet note, it was so cute!! 😀

  14. Also, bought my dad a new nice printer yesterday after the nozzle exploded -_-; He didn’t use it for a while and it broke! Hopefully this time he’ll use the new one more often! 🙂

  15. This morning after an early class, I stopped to get a breakfast burrito. The person behind me at the drive through was really obviously struggling with their purse and couldn’t seem to find their money, so I asked the person at the drive through to use my card to pay for their breakfast. 🙂 I hope I made her morning! It was definitely nice to help somebody out.

  16. Last night I sent a facebook message to a family friend thanking her for a message she left on my answering machine the other week. I told her she had the gift of encouraging others! She left me such a nice message on my machine that I didn’t want to delete it. I wanted her to know how much I appreciated her taking the time to call me.

  17. I don’t do something great. But because my boyfriend works too much (18 hours per day or more) , what I do, is massage him every single time we meet, just to relax him, when he doesn’t even ask ♥

  18. I work at a physical therapy office as a technician so I spend a lot of time working with patients and going through exercises as part of their rehabilitation process. We have an older woman as a patient (86 years old) and she comes off as a very mean and bitter person. As I was going through her exercise program we began to talk about her life, career, family and everything in between. She told me how she has never been the same after her husband passed away. She also spoke about her life working with special needs children and how she has spent her life doing research on autism. I asked her a million questions because I was so fascinated with her work and she told me that she was so happy that someone was this interested in her. I began to feel bad that everyone was judging her and thought she was rude when in fact she just wanted to have a genuine conversation with somebody. After I was done working with her she told me how much she appreciated talking to me and how refreshing it was sharing her stories with someone younger. Kindness really is sexy and a little goes a long way.

    • I love this. This post has a special place in my heart, as i was studying physical therapy and got waitlisted for clinicals and decided instead to finish my psych degree! 😉 I’ve dealt with a lot of older patients myself, they all have great stories! LOVE your comment! good luck! Just one more hour til i use to pick a winner!

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