Spotlight on: Sweet Treat Cosmetics


I think of makeup just like i think of my friends: valuable, awesome, and fair. A good friend is always honest, kind, and makes you feel and look good. The reason i’m saying this is because I have found a makeup company that does the exact same thing for me- Sweet Treat Cosmetics. I have a problem with eyeshadows never quite lasting on my skin. If I go through the night- no matter the primer I use- it only takes an hour or two for the color to completely wipe itself out.
Not Sweet Treat’s shadows. I would wonder what kind of dangerous substances were in this eyeshadow to make it stay so long if I hadn’t done my research first and found the answer: none. These shadows, as clearly represented on , have the following ingredients: carmine (safe colorant) , carnauba wax (naturally occuring and makes the eyeshadow long lasting), iron oxides (pigmentation) Kaolin Clay (remember the mask from crushed botanicals last week? Kaolin clay is magical.) and a few others that can be found- here.
I have to tell you that I loved my experience with Sweet Treat Cosmetics. I needed the shadows for a glam 1950’s look for a party over the weekend and it came just in time for me to rock it. I bought some other shadow samples too- just incase I loved it! The colors in the baggies were $1.00 each, and they were VERY generous samples. I got about 5 uses. Plum purple (far right) ended up being my favorite. I have yet to use the hot pink, but it matches this shadow I just finished and love. Fondant just makes my eyes pop- its like a silvery gray. I also purchased Blue Hawaii, and French Vanilla which are in the bottom two cases. To see the colors, just check out

These eye shadows were very much worth their value. I just bought a palette for 30.00 from sephora and a large cosmetic brand and their eyeshadow gave me an hour of wear. The Sweet Treat Cosmetics were still on my eyes after a five hour dance party! Sweet Treat Cosmetics makes other makeup, such as lip tints and face powders that i’m planning on trying. I have to tell you i’ve used just about every type of shadow on the market- pigmented, “baked”, “italian”, faketalian, “mood changing”, drugstore, high end. I’m willing to throw out every single eye shadow I have in a makeup collection of upwards of 500.00 and never look back. When working for a cosmetic company I was forced to always wear five pieces of their makeup, and that makeup was total crap. Most of what I have is from them, but it definitely wrecked my skin even though it claimed to be vegan. I have had nothing but compliments on the colors i’ve used from Sweet Treats. They’re affordable, well packaged, and there’s a wide variety of colors. If you are dying to find a new spring color, I suggest trying some samples from Sweet Treat. I knew I was going to love it so I just purchased what I needed (the two 5.00 full size pots) and colors i’d love to experiment with. (3 at 1.00). This whole transaction cost about 13.00. All of the products are named after sweet items, which is totally creative and cute!
I had a super awesome experience with Sweet Treat Cosmetics, and I think you will too! There’s a huge community on facebook of fans who have tried, and loved, this cosmetics line! I truly believe in cosmetics that are not only handmade, but safe for our delicate skin!
Check out the website:
Check out Facebook:

Customer Service: A+. Kaitlin was quick to respond, sent me updates about my order promptly and was totally professional.
Shipping/Receive Product: A+ No problems whatsoever- waited only three of the five business days it is suggested to take.
Product Packaging: A++, Totally creative, and really cute! The products come packaged in a bag that has cupcakes on it- really cute theme that goes with the sweet treat theme.
Products: All the shadows get an A+ for their staying power and their pigmentation. They do, however, have a lot of glitter in it, so be mindful of that if you are looking for matte colors.
Pricing: A++. Where else can you get such generous samples or awesome shadows for 5.00? MAC, NARS, and Bobbi Brown sell theirs for 24.00 a shadow, and they don’t come with nearly as much product or work as well!
Safety: A+
Overall: A+. I completely would recommend, and am already considering purchasing more!

And DONT FORGET: check out and enter my contest here for a chance to win a 50.00 gift card to sephora or lush! Ends at Midnight on March 28th. Only two people have entered so far! Details here:


4 thoughts on “Spotlight on: Sweet Treat Cosmetics

  1. Have you heard of TKB Trading? You can get a “sample” bag of their mineral mica pigments for $1.50 (generous size)!! You can custom blend your own eyeshadow and blush, it’s so much fun. They last forever and they are so gorgeous. Definitely check them out!

  2. I’ve purchased once from SweetTreat, and it was pretty recent. I only bought one eye color because my cosmetic collection is out of control! I got a hot pink that I *think* was called Sweet Strawberry, and I love it! Sparkly and brightly pigmented, and so flattering to my pleasant surprise. I hope add more to my collection in the future!

    • I purchased the sweet strawberries too- nothing i’ve ever purchased has compared to my favorite shadow that was discontinued years ago- its the High intensity pigment in hot pink, and sweet treat just nailed it!

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