Five products that i love, and six that i wish i never purchased- and a reminder about the contest going on RIGHT NOW!

So i thought it would be nice to give you a break on my “Spotlight on” review this week, mainly because i haven’t found a company since the last few that i would make a purchase from again. I will get up the NARS review as soon as the remaining colors arrive on my doorstep. I want to thank all 175 followers from wordpress, facebook, twitter and such for following me. You guys really make my day! Speaking of making days- don’t forget about my “Kindness is Sexy” give away! All you have to do is tell me about something kind that you did for someone else- getting a cup of coffee or walking your neighbors dog- and you could win a 50.00 giftcard to sephora or lush! Details are here.

I’m a little worried about constantly telling you guys about products i hate- which is why i haven’t posted any. I wan’t people to make their own informed decisions so if i don’t like a product, i normally don’t tell you about it. However, i saw a complaint about not being “objective” enough- so i decided that i would show you that i don’t LOVE every product that i purchase.

1. Bare Minerals Spf Original 15 Face Powder-

I broke out in a rash from this product. I couldn’t believe it, as so many people raved about it. But there is a specific chemical in it that is supposed to illuminate your skin- and anything that has illuminators in it i tend to break out terribly from. On the other hand- i do love their eye shadows and i think that they make some great products. I just didn’t like the foundation.

2. Physicians Formula Face Powder- Again, had illuminator in it and i broke out in an awful rash. It was a powdery mess and the packaging it was in could not manage to keep all that powder in it. I had a full bottle that i just ended up tossing. I quickly learned that anything in powder form is really not for me.I enjoy the Physician’s Formula eye palettes for green eyes and hazel eyes (my eye color is moody and changes often) but unfortunately, they have discontinued it.

3. Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Aroma Therapy- To give you an idea about this product- the bottle is green and that is the only reason it’s in my bathroom. To my knowledge, B&BW is a company that tests on animals, and contains methylparabens. Additionally, they use a TON of alcohol in their product, so while it’s cheap, it also dries the heck out of your skin. Not to mention the fact that this lotion smells like a boys locker room. I do enjoy their candles and other home fragrance products. However- i do stock up on their peppermint bath products only because peppermint naturally helps your headaches and i get headaches weekly (daily), and the peppermint i’ve bought elsewhere is REALLY pepperminty.

4. Mary Kay Eyebrow Pencil- Overpriced and barely works. I have to cake it on to get the desired affect, and i just don’t enjoy it. However, i did get a liquid foundation that has illuminators in it. If i wear it over my AWESOME Makeup Forever HD Foundation, i get a really sexy, dewy look to my skin!

5. My Conscious Box Subscription- I really don’t want to tell you that it was bad, but there wasn’t a single thing i would have used in there. My search for the perfect box subscription continues. It simply wasn’t for me, but might appeal to someone who is into superhealthy/earthy things- there were quite a few energy drink samples, grain crackers, whole wheat cornchips- and mineral makeup (a coupon). I honestly gave the food away and tossed it. I encourage you of course, to try it yourself and make your own decision about it.

6. You are going to see this on both my love and hate list: Body shop Tea Tree Face Wash- 14.00- It totally burned the daylights out of my skin. It was super abrasive and really made my skin super oily, which is weird considering its made for acne prone skin. I have occasional acne, and since i worked for them, i had to try the product (and i ended up purchasing it for another use… see #4 of Awesome products)

My top 5 AWESOME products:

1. Doctor Sweet Tooth Solid Perfume- I have it in Rock Star Candy and just placed an order for flower bloom- which is interesting because i hate flower scents, but this is very light and not over powering. I also put an order in for Conversation Hearts, which smells like candy– i love wearing it because it reminds me of my grandmother and it makes me feel close to her. The reason i love solid perfume, though, is because it’s the strongest most long lasting form of perfume. I hate carrying perfume in my bag, because i worked for Coach and almost all of them are overpriced designer hand bags and if perfume exploded in them i would just have a fit over it! (TIP: If you want to take care of your designer bag and make it last longer, DO NOT, I REPEAT- DO NOT carry pens in it! Pen does not come out of any material! Bag your makeup in a makeup case to keep it clean!) I think i paid 9.50 for it- but you don’t need a lot. It is in wax form, and the beeswax melts into your skin. As you heat up during the day, the smell permeates from your skin.

2. Crushed Botanicals Face Mask in Chocolate- You guys know that i love this- and i’ve been using it weekly. I really see a huge difference in my skin and it’s starting to look like it once did before i became the product junkie that i am. Thank you again to Kelli for making such a great product- it’s a total confidence booster when your skin looks this good that people are stopping you on the street! I nailed it on my first shot with this- i looked at other masks and this was the first one i purchased/tried and the only one that worked ( i tried two more!)

3.  Sweet Treat Cosmetics Eye Candy in Plum Purple- I purchased the 1.00 sample, just to try, and it’s amazing. Once i finish, i will be repurchasing. The pigmentation and color of these shadows does not compare to anything i own, and its such a reasonable price.

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash- I use the face wash to clean my makeup brush. Tea tree naturally kills bacteria- and i don’t want bacteria to accumulate on my brushes or on my skin- so i use it to clean it. It actually works really, really well on my higher end brushes, and my cheapy brushes as well. To use it, i just pour a little bit into a clear container and fill it up with super hot water. Then i fill a second bowl with hot water (to conserve water!) I swish the brush in the water with the solution, then after a few minutes i squeeze the tip of the brush so the water comes out (and im sure the makeup is gone) and i dip it in clean water to rinse it, and ly it flat on a paper towel.

5. Urban Kitchen French Vanilla Candle- This company is on Etsy, but i didn’t purchase these candles. They were a gift from my brother who travelled to Boston over the summer. They are in a super cute and stylish tin, and they also are soy, so they double as a moisturizer for your skin (avoid your face).


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