You know you are a product junkie when…….. (and GIVEAWAY details!)

I decided to clean my workspace last night because when my room is cluttered i have a difficult time studying. I feel like i’m out of focus and can’t seem to get a handle on classwork right now. I was watching an interview today with Julia Roberts and she discussed the “culture of mean-ness”, i couldn’t have said it better myself. We live in a culture or a time period where we are intent in allowing our words and personal attacks harm others when it’s so simple to just make them feel good. Which then reminded me about the contest going on— don’t forget to tell me what nice things you are doing so you can be entered into the contest to win a 50.00 gift card to either sephora or lush (click me for details)! I only see six entries so i challenge everyone to do something extra-special tomorrow!! Today i wrote a super heartfelt letter to one of my favorite beauty guru’s who is having a tough time getting through the loss of a loved one. The loss of a young person is inherently tragic- and has shaped my own life so i can only imagine the hardships she may face.

Anyway, while cleaning my room i broke it down into the amount of stuff i had- and when i calculated it in terms of dollars, it was well around $5,000 dollars worth of stuff. When i woke up this morning to a spotless room i felt good, but found an application to hoarders on AETV taped to my boxes of skincare. I get the picture- i was on a use 20 products and spend nothing fix prior to this- but now i am not purchasing a single thing until every bottle is gone. I mean, i’ve got thirty bottles of perfume (most of which i wouldn’t wear) and more body butters than i could use in 15 years. The good news is most of it came from free samples or giveaways at work. Still, its a lot and i feel so bad that theres so much! EEK!

I’m waiting on my last nars lipstick to arrive to do a review on that and the romantic eye palette from too faced cosmetics, which i used and LOVED, but i’m not sure how i feel about it’s price – as  i feel you could go drugstore brand and get the same colors. We shall see! Thanks for reading, and please let me hear about the good things you are doing!


One thought on “You know you are a product junkie when…….. (and GIVEAWAY details!)

  1. lol wow that is a lot of money in products. that’s how i feel sometimes when I look at all the nail polishes I have and makeup. its excessive. I’ve been trying to cut back on the makeup front although not sucessful most of the time but for now I’m letting myself indulge in my polish addiction. lol good luck to you though!

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