Spotlight on: Solid Perfume

One of the tricks I learned from working at a beauty store is that your perfume can come in many forms: eau de parfum, eau de toilette, perfume oil, and my favorite:solid perfume. The reason I love solid perfume so much is that it is the longest lasting form of a perfume, works on a sort of โ€œtime releaseโ€ schedule, and its small enough to throw in my purse. Best of all, I don’t have to stress out over whether or not it will cause oil stains in my purse, or if I will break the bottle. The solid perfumes that I purchased come in a small metal tin, clearly labeled and easy to apply.

Solid Perfume is made of beeswax, when it’s introduced to the temperature of your skin it will melt into it. As your body heats up throughout the day, it will emit all the different bases of the perfume. One of the best brands of solid perfume that i’ve tried is Doctor Sweet Tooth’s. Right now, because it’s spring, I decided to go with Floral Bloom. This one actually doesn’t even smell like flowers, which is great because I have such bad allergies in the spring when it comes to flowers (and cut grass!). Flower Bloom has some floral notes- freesia, jasmine, orchid and rose- but it also has orange, bergamot, tea- all blended with patchouli. It doesn’t sound like something I would ever use, but when I smelled a sample of it I fell in love with it! I also loved the Rock Candy Star, which is a lush dupe and has an infusion of bubblegum, berries, vanilla and soda pop. My all time favorite scent, as many of you have read, is the Conversation Hearts which has peach, sweet tarts, raspberry, orange, and vanilla. It really is amazing!!


I also just purchased some from Skinny Dip Soaps- so you will see a review of that in the coming weeks! ๐Ÿ™‚

Additionally, I wanted to thank all of my readers who are participating in the giveaway and following me. I got an awesome opportunity to review the new U.S launch of the Glossybox which should be appearing in the next couple weeks. I’m honored to be part of this, and it only happened because you guys are so awesome! Don’t forget to tell me about your good deeds, i’ll be announcing the winner around midnight tonight so make sure all your posts are in by 11:59 EST!


5 thoughts on “Spotlight on: Solid Perfume

  1. After reading this I want to try solid perfume. I’ve totally shyed away from it but now I really want to try it. And wow glossybox in the US!? I had no idea how exciting! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Yes! it is really nice. It’s inexpensive if you go on etsy and check out different companies. They work well. I prefer doctor sweet tooths, but i also just purchased some from skinny dip soaps so i will let you know how they are, because these are in stick form instead of tub form! And i know!! I was on the waiting list dying to for them to come to the u.s after seeing their harrods box, and now they’re coming! If you use facebook, go like them on facebook– they give away one a day!! I entered a few of my followers in it, i’ll pass your blog on if you’d like!:)

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