Too Faced Cosmetics : Romantic Eye Palette

In honor of the “Kindness is Sexy Contest”, which ends on the 27th at 11:59 PM, I’ved decided to be ambitious and write a post a day. Don’t forget to enter!!!

You can’t be a product junkie without Too Faced Cosmetics Romantic Eye Palette in your collection. For just $38.00 you get some of the best colors that the market currently has to offer. Normally, i wouldn’t even suggest such a large brand name as i love handmade products and support small businesses. I hold big brands to much higher standards, and Too Faced has surpassed every single one of them. I love their daytime look and have been rocking it out for the past couple of days.

As i’ve mentioned before i have issues with colors staying on my eyes- especially with the higher end brands. So to test it, i put it on right before going to bed, to see just how long it could stay. A full twelve hours later, and it was still going strong. Of course it helps that i took their advice and used the Too Faced Primer, as well. For those of you just starting out in the world of makeup, this product gives you different look cards to try and perfect, but it’s also a ton of fun to play around with. I have a really special event coming up in October- my favorite cousin is getting married- and i totally think that these colors would make her baby blues pop out so well. (She won’t let me do her makeup. I did it once when we were like ten, after having watched my mom do it for so many years…i would post the photo if i didn’t think i’d be killed in my sleep for it! ) Still, for brides and other romantic events- engagement parties, dates- the colors are so gorgeous. Luckily, it doesn’t take a makeup artist to make these look good- all you have to do is read their directions. Practice them! I’ve been doing it everyday the past week or so, and i can tell that i’m getting better at it. (Since I’m so pale, darker colors realllllly look drastic on me, and while I did makeup with my former job- it was typically a one color application. I love playing around with the palate and creating different looks- and also looking on youtube for other adaptations of the different looks! )

The Packaging is GORGEOUS- and not overly excessive. It comes in a really sturdy case. A+

The fact that you get nine generous shades of eye shadow also gets this product an A+.

While it’s a little pricey, if you had to pay for these shadows individually, it would be way more expensive.

It is especially great for people like me, who are not skilled in doing their own makeup, but enjoy learning and practicing — i especially love the eye in the picture and wish i could recreate that look!

Overall, the product gets an A because of it’s cost.

FTC Disclaimer: I paid for this product, and it was the best damn 38.00 plus tax and shipping that i EVER spent!


12 thoughts on “Too Faced Cosmetics : Romantic Eye Palette

  1. The only palettes I really buy are the Urban Decay palettes…I just love them! Otherwise, I buy shadows separately and depot them for my Z-palette. I haven’t really tried anything from Too Faced yet except their primers, so I’ll have to give them a go soon!

      • I have this palette! They sell The Balm at a one of the drugstore’s near my work, and they had 30% off the entire line so I picked it up…to be honest, it doesn’t compare, ahaha! The colors fall a bit flat, and some are way too chalky for my tastes. Play with them in a store before you buy them, for sure!

      • You’re better to go with the Naked palette to be honest, it costs like…10 dollars more, but I’ve actually dipped into ALL of the colors (which is rare for me). I actually had to purchase another Darkhorse because I love it SO much! Ahahaha!

      • Yes but you pull it off from what i can see! and are more skilled than i am. If i take baby steps and blend the daylights out i might be alright, otherwise ill be walking around with eyes that either make me look like a wildabeast or snooki’s lovechild.

      • I remember when I had trouble with makeup, ahaha! You’ll get better, just take in everything you’re doing and make sure you’re constantly learning…and have good tools/brushes!

      • Yes. I worked for the body shop, so i only knew what they told me and did it how they told me (no fun!) – then i moved on to selling handbags. Oh the life of a college student haha. Luckily i acquired a fantastic professional set from the body shop before they closed their doors.

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