The Nothing-to-do-with-beauty post

Hi Everyone!

So, if you read my bio, you may know that i am a college student attempting to get my MA in mental health counseling. right now, i’m finishing my bachelor’s degree in psychology. I have this really tough class that i’m taking and have to administer a survey to sixty people.

I was wondering if a few of my followers wouldn’t mind answering a simple 5 question survey about soda for me. This is the link:

Thank you guys so much! I am so freaking out about this project, but if i can get it done i promise to get my NARS post up today!


5 thoughts on “The Nothing-to-do-with-beauty post

  1. Done! Good luck with your project! Try not to freak out too much 🙂 And good luck in your career pursuits as well; I’ve worked in similar areas and know that it’s a challenging but rewarding field to go into!

    • thanks. I only hope i can get there, it’s so stinking hard. I don’t want to do research about people. I want to HELP people, i don’t expect easy, and i’m willing to work, but i’m super frustrated with this class.

      • Oh I can definitely relate. It’s so frustrating that a lot of upper level (anything past bachelors) education is so focused on research and all that “technical” stuff. Of course research is necessary but not when you actually want to be on the front lines doing the work with people!

      • Yes. I just hope to get through it- it’s the only thing keeping me from the “good classes”- the counseling techniques, addiction studies- the areas i excel in. Math/Statistics/Science are not for me, which is why i gave up studying physical therapy!

      • I’m just the opposite…I’ve always been much better at the math stuff hence my shift in educational goals, go figure! But keep it up, it’ll definitely be worth it to get to the good stuff that you can really apply to what you want to do with life!

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