When i first decided to become a blogger, i watched a TON of youtube videos. Almost immediately i realized that everyone i watched, every blog i read, were loyal to some subscription box service. The idea behind these box services is that you pay a monthly flat fee and receive goodies once a month. Some of the subscription services are really hit -or- miss. I spent $18.00 on a box that arrived late, was full of junk i’d never use- and i swore i’d never do it again….unless Glossybox, a German based subscription service, ever came to the united states.

Glossybox has a huge UK following. I watched a youtuber review their recent harrod’s glossy box, and after seeing the quality of the products, the quantity of the products, and the service the individual received, i was chomping at the bit to get it here in the US. I jumped on their waitlist in hopes of someday seing them launch.

Then, one morning, in only what i can call a cosmic miracle, i checked my inbox to find an email that had the words “Glossybox” in the subject. I thought the day had finally come where i could sign up for the service! I jumped out of bed and turned on the computer, credit card in hand to order. It was actually an email from a wonderful GlossyBox representive who asked if i had ever heard of glossybox. Images of makeup and product sample possibilities dance in my head at night, so naturally i shared my desire for Glossybox to come to the U.S with the wonderful Adrianne.

That’s when she told me. GLOSSYBOX IS LAUNCHING IN THE UNITED STATES. I REPEAT: GLOSSYBOX IS ARRIVING IN THE U.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The powers that be have sent me my own box, which was free of charge. I am honored to be one of the first to receive it. After playing around with the products (without being swayed by Glossyboxes generosity) I intend on being one of the first in line to sign up for this service (as was my intention all along).

My box arrived way ahead of schedule. I got the shipping info this morning and by this afternoon it was on my front doorstep, which is impressive. The box was well packed, with no leaks, and the box itself is awesome. I would suggest reusing it — i already am using it to hold stationary! I love to write letters, and the box is super fancy. I was shocked to see that almost all of the six products i received were full size products!

Here is what was inside, as well as my first impressions and thoughts about each product.

1) OPI nailpoolish in “Kiss me on my tulips”.

This was by far one of the products i was REALLY excited about. I immediately recognized the brand name, and before i even unwrapped the rest of the box i was bounding up the stairs in search of nailpolish remover (to get rid of the other nailpolish i had on) and eagerly paining my nails. I don’t own any O-P-I polishes, so this was my first. Glossybox, you don’t know what you started! I have two new puppies and i have to constantly pick them up, put them down, play with them, rub them- etc. My nailpolish normally chips within a few minutes of putting it on. I put it on my nails and it dried quickly enough for me to grab a puppy with a runaway sock- without chipping. The color is a phenomenal hot pink color that is PERFECT for summer! The price of this product is normally $8.50

2. BASQ Cucumber Tea Eye Gel

This product was fairly interesting. I LOVE eye gels because 1) they de-puff tired eyes (and as a student and new puppy owner, ive always got tired eyes!) and 2) because when you store it in the refrigerator and put it on your eyes it feels amazing. When i first smelled this product it smelled vaguely familiar. I couldn’t figuire out what it was, but it certainly wasn’t cucumber tea. Then, i remembered. During my days moonlighting as a Physical Therapy aide we used this stuff called: BIOFREEZE. It smells exactly like it. Some people might be turned off by this, but it didn’t bother me much. It felt really nice and didn’t irritate my already sensitive skin. This product is normally $24.00, and the subscription is 21.00- so if i had paid for it, the box would have already paid for itself!

3. C.O Bigelow: Lavender and Peppermint Body Lotion

Lavender essential oils have two purposes: softening your skin and relaxing you. Peppermint has a couple uses that are similar- though it’s also used for aches and pains, relaxation and soothing your skin. Personally, i like it a lot. The packaging is really like an old school apothecary, the smell does it’s job, and it’s moisturizing but NOT greasy. Also, peppermint tends to be a natural bug repellent, so it’s nice to be able to go outside with the dog and not be chased by every bug in New Jersey! This product is originally $12.00 and came in a full size bottle.

4. Cargo’s EyeBronzer

This is not an eyeshadow, but i used it as one. After researching it a little more i found that it was actually just shimmer for inner/outer corners and can also be used with the felt tip applicator as a shadow liner. Regardless, it is highly pigmented and very good quality. It seems to be a fairly new product, so i was excited to try it. Even though it has shimmer in it, it didn’t bother my eyes. It has Kaolin clay in it, so it goes on very smoothly and just by wearing it you are improving your skin! This product is normally 22.00! Again, it was a full size, and the box has ALREADY paid for itself.

5. Erno Laszlow’s “Hollywood Collection”.

These were sample sized skin care moisturizers. The full size original product is about $122.00, so if it wasn’t in my box for free, i probably wouldn’t have thought to buy it. After trying it, however, i do really like it. I used the night cream as i have sun burn on my skin (oops). It’s a higher-end product typically sold at Bergdoff-Goodman. The best thing about this product? They don’t test on animals!!! 🙂 Just hearing this makes me REALLY happy Glossybox included this product. I am much more likely to purchase this  after having tried it and researched it.

6. Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine (Toffee)

The color was not for me at all. I’m pale, and this nude color is not attractive on me- but the formulation of the product itself is FLAWLESS.  It’s a professional makeup company that is typically used by drama students and professionals, so i was happy to be able to try it. It’s really nicely pigmented, and i even decided to purchase this item in a different color. It stayed on for quite a few hours after applying it- and didn’t get all over the puppies faces when i was giving them tons of puppy kisses!  The price of this product is $18.00

The value of the items of this box totaled : $209.50

The value of the glossybox normally (again, i received this free of charge!) is normally $21.00 a month.

After trying the products, seeing the quality of the Glossybox itself, and interacting with their representatives and customer service teams- I am DEFINITELY singing up for this service. Nothing compares. Trust me, i’ve used other services and cancelled every single one.

Keep in mind that mother’s day is just around the corner. Why not pamper mom 12 months out of the year with a glossy box subscription instead of just one day? It makes a great gift.

Check out Glossybox yourself:

and tweet them at @GlossyBox_US … Tell them @PrductJunkiegirl sent you! 🙂

What do my fellow US Bloggers think?? Will you be signing up for Glossybox and their USA launch? Don’t forget to go to their website ( to enter your email and get on the waiting list to be notified when you can sign up! DON’T MISS OUT ! 🙂


Billy & Louie…

So, on top of graduating in a few days and desperately trying to finish my work, i am also going to be wide awake this weekend as we just got our two dogs! Thought i would share a pic for you all 🙂

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Will be posting reviews again once i graduate ❤

Where have i been for the month of April?!

Hi Everyone!

 Hope all my readers out there aren’t hating me just yet. I will be making a comeback in May- so be prepared. I actually have a great flow of products to show you– i’m just doing my best to graduate and be done with this school stuff right now.

 I know i told you guys about how badly my conscious box for Feb/March sucked- well april was a TON better, i actually got a product that really helps scarring that i want to tell you all about, once i figuire out if it’s actually doing anything.

 I’ve gone and crossed over to the dark side– i took a part time job as a Lushie— which is totally cool considering that i don’t believe in animal testing, and my dog im currently adopting (assuming i can fix my bloody fence that the damn neighborhood teens broke!) is a dog who spent time in a laboratory being tested on :(.


 Anyway, i miss you all and think of you often! I hope all is well.

Let me know in the comments what giveaway you are dying to see in May!


Until then… 


What unusual things have you used products for?


I’m curious to hear if any of my fellow beauty (and bath) bloggers have any unique uses for products in their home.

I have this “candy cane” bath bomb that i personally can’t use because its got a shit-ton of peppermint oil in it and makes my skin feel odd – as in peppermint oil is a cooling essential oil, and it does its job! However, i get terrible headaches (and more often when im stressed!) so instead of using the bath bomb in the bath- i put it in the shower, out of the direct stream of water, and let the steam and “off spray” get it wet. It gives off it’s peppermint scent and tends to soothe the nasal passages that often are stuffed when i get a headache. Totally random, but it works really well.

 Another one of my favorites is using a facewash to clean my brush. I hate wasting product, i believe in reusing and renewing products and their containers- so i have decided that even though the Tea Tree face wash is so wrong for my skin, it is an anti bacterial cleaner. It kills the bacteria on my makeup brushes that could potentially spread to my face- and it does a damn good job.


So what about you? What unusual uses have you found for your products?


I used to use WEN hair care (especially the “yucky” scents) for the dog, because she was a beagle. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of a beagle furbaby in your home, you don’t know that their long, droopy ears tend to trap scents. Therefore when Oreo would roll in dirt, or mud, or whatever she could find, the scent stayed for days. The WEN haircare had a mint undertone to it, so it definitely masked the scent really well. I never even considered using it on my pet until i saw Chaz Dean on tv with his dogs always at his side. I saw him on the show where he was remodeling his salon (Flipping Out was the show on Bravo) and he used the shampoo on his doggy, too. It worked well, and it made her coat look shiny and healthy! 

Sharing the love

I just wanted to jump on here and thank everyone for their overwhelming love and support.

Our girl is in a beautiful place. I had a dream that my cousin who passed away in 2007 made a promise to me that he is watching her because he needs company, so my heart feels good that someone else can receive the love that she is giving.

Moving forward, we are looking into adopting/rescuing, which is wonderful. I have a lot of love to give and am not ready to not be a pet owner.

At the same time, i also just got a really great position with Lush! I am really excited to start and learn more about their specific products. I share similar beliefs as they do. My favorite being, of course, that they do not test on animals!

I promise you all that after i graduate on the 28th i will get back to my product reviews. I will resume with a new giveaway/contest with some super cool prizes for you guys, too! They are sitting here in my room, on the desk just waiting! 🙂

You are all such wonderful people. I find that dog people are, by nature, beautiful and loving people. You are all my people. We are here on this earth to make other’s lives happier and easier. Oreo did that for me, and now she has left her home to give it to another dog down the line so their lives can be happier, and easier. I will never forget her though!

Rest In Peace, Oreo.

Today, the love of my life, my best friend, my sleeping partner, my heart…. has passed away.

  With all that i have done wrong in life, i must have done something right to know a love so true.. The love that i will always have in my heart for her is immense. Some may think that she is just a dog, but i think that is cruel to minimize her role in my life. She was my whole heart. She made me smile everyday of my life for 14 years. I’ve known pain, i’ve known struggle, but i’ve never known a life (or at least one i can remember), that did not in some way revolve around my Oreo.

We even loved to test out products together. She was loving the Wen cleanser… my girl.I am willing to bet that she rolled in the dirt just so i could give her a bath. I am thankful now to have been able to give her a last bath this weekend, missing out on time with others.


I know she is with my grandparents and cousin in heaven. Surely, she is playing with them and happy to see them. She can never truly die because my heart beat whispers her name. I enjoyed most the time we spent together over the last few months, her by my side as i did school work, or letting me rub her tired paws. I loved giving her kisses on the bridge of her nose, and loved that she was so old she would nibble my fingers. We all laughed in amusement when she did this, thinking surely that the old bat had confused my fingers for sausage links. She became more pleasent in her old age, not barking or chasing other animals, so we got to travel to the beach just recently. The simple moments.

Please do not be alarmed if i do not post often in the coming weeks. My wounds are still fresh- but you guys make me smile everyday, so i will be lurking.

Give your loved ones a tight squeeze. Spend some time with your pets. Love harder.

Essie Barefoot in Blue + Toms “Go without Shoes” campaign: April 10th


Toms Shoes, in partnership with Essie, sent out thousands of “Barefoot in Blue” polishes to those who like me, have pledged to go barefoot on April 10th to consider the life of other individuals in the world who have no choice in what shoes they may wear- but rather cannot afford any at all. Toms is a groundbreaking company who has their one for one program, where for every pair of shoes you purchase, a pair is given to another individual who has no shoes. I’ll be honest, i always thought the shoes were god awful looking, and never understood that the company had a mission until receiving the nail polish.

As far as the nailpolish goes, Essie’s formula is not for me. It took me six coats to get the blue to be not streaky. However, the periwinkle blue is undeniably one of my most favorite colors i own. It’s simply a love-hate relationship. Regardless, i will be going barefoot on April 1oth and hope that if you won’t join me, at least you will visit to read more about the mission.  As soon as i receive my first pair, i will gladly update you with photos and if they are as comfortable as i have heard!


FTC Disclaimer: Received the Barefoot in Blue nail color from Toms+Essie’s facebook page. They gave out approximately 1900 samples of the polish. I was not compensated for this review, or any others in this blog.



Spotlight on Etsy Seller: SAMISEAGLASS !

I’ve been looking since 2005 for a great piece of jewelry that could be my “little secret”. My grandma passed away in 2005, and I believe that even though she is not physically here, she is still involved in my life, so only she and i (And now all 300 of my blog subscribers!) would know it’s meaning. I thought that a necklace of an elephant would help to remind me (like I needed to be reminded) that she is with me. I strive to make her proud and often wonder what the past couple years of my life might have been like had I still had her cheering me on.

Why an elephant necklace? Elephants are considered to be the wisest of all in the animal kingdom. I think maybe this is what has always attracted my grandmother to them. Growing up, I remember playing at my grandparents home, and throughout every room there was an elephant. Always, his trunk facing the door. Throughout the depression in America, (which makes sense- grandma grew up during this time) elephants were intended to be good luck in terms of money. Elephants are associated with royalty in many cultures, and so many, like my gram, associate luck and money with the elephants. The significance of pointing their trunks towards the door was to bring wealth into the home. An elephant whose back was turned would miss the opportunity. Elephants are empathetic and altruistic- two qualities that I truly value.

I came across SamiSeaglass one day on Etsy (linked in blue and at the bottom of post for reference) and I knew I had finally found what I had been searching for years to find. (I wonder if finding it was a sign from her that she is seeing all that is going on with me- graduating college, getting into a master’s program, hopefully getting engaged!) When I saw the sea glass locket- I knew I had to purchase it. I was a little bummed out that some of the other lockets had this beautiful cobalt piece of seaglass in them, but none of the elephants did. I waited a few days and couldn’t stop thinking about it- so I contacted the shop and asked if it would be possible to change the seaglass piece out- Jean and Elf responded Super quickly that they would check stock and let me know! Fate would have it that they had a beautiful piece that fit perfectly into the necklace! I know this post isn’t about makeup, but I had such a wonderful experience and the meaning behind the necklace was so beautiful to me that I just had to share!

According to the Etsy Shop, some of the sea glass was picked on the owner’s trip to Puerto Rico, where her daughter was studying. I love so many of the different necklaces- they would make such cute gifts! I loved the Royal Carriage Sea Glass Locket, The Live Laugh Love piece, and the lovebirds piece- i think they are so unique and adorable and can think of a lot of upcoming birthdays where these pieces would be cherished!  I had to take a couple photos and experiment with the camera because the photos are just not doing the product justice!

I ordered on the 31st of March. It shipped super fast and my package came today, it totally made my day more than anyone could ever understand! I opened it up and put it right on! It is by far my most favorite piece of jewelry ever. I paid 28.50 for the necklace. The necklace and chain are sterling silver, and may be cared for by dipping them in sterling silver jewelry cleaner- according to the note I received, it won’t hurt the sea glass. It should be stored in the plastic baggie it came in though, to prevent tarnishing. I also received an appreciation locket which is pictured- the green seaglass is GORGEOUS! Finally, i gave in to the camera being a pain and shot it on a black background (my business card was the only black paper i could find in the house- sorry!) 

In all honesty, I would purchase here again in a heartbeat (and likely will!) Jean & Elf were so quick to respond and so pleasant to purchase from. They had no idea I was a blogger or that I might be so thrilled that I might just have to write an entry about them on here for you all to see- they were 100% genuinely kind and super helpful.

If I had to rate this overall transaction, there wouldn’t be enough plus signs on the face of the planet that I could put next to my A+. It was that wonderful. I am completely over the moon with the pieces. The customer service was top notch, which is often times rare for me to say, having worked in retail for so long I am super picky! 🙂
Based on the following categories/ criterion I 100% fully recommend SamiSeaGlass:
Customer Service: A++, Elf responded super fast to all of my emails!
Shipping/Receive Product: A++, It was mailed out on the 2nd and landed in my mailbox this morning.
Product Packaging: A++, Arrived in a silver jewelry box with seaglass attached to the top of it. Completely unique.
Products: A++ , it goes without saying. The product is unique, beautiful, not too heavy, and it catches the light in a magnificent way.
Pricing: A++. I wouldn’t really know what other products of the same kind go for in terms of price so I googled it- the price ranged from 35-48.00 for similar pieces so it was absolutely a steal.

Overall: A++. I really recommend this company. I was completely thrilled with this purchase and the customer service I received.

Etsy Shop:

If you love the one i have or want to see better photos, here is the link:


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with SAMISEAGLASS, nor is there any benefit of this review. Rather, i paid for the merchandise received, and simply had an excellent experience.
What do you guys think of my new necklace? Let me know if you end up making a purchase! I’m really interested in knowing your experience as well! I love unique pieces like this.