Spotlight on: Nars

I lost my NARS virginity last week, and my lips may never be the same again. I spent hours last week playing colors, creating new looks, and reading up on NARS. While i typically lean towards handmade and organic cosmetics, i can’t deny the true quality of NARS. I find that NARS lipsticks, though rather expensive, are made with Vitamin E, which makes them moisturizing. Best of all- it’s paraben and lead free- and the colors are long lasting. I had low expectations of a brand name lipstick, thinking that 24.00 was WAY too much to spend on one lipstick. Then, this happened:- one turned into five. Of course, i did my research and found as many sale colors as i could.   

Wearing the lipstick felt so right! Since I am “the other white meat” (bugs love to bite me in the spring and summer, much like people flock to eating chicken) and I have moody eyes that change often (my license may say green, but my eyes are hazel and or blue)- i thought it was best to go with a mauve for my pink color and a copper for my red.

My first pick was a total miss. I gave that color away because it was such an apricot color (Beautiful Liar). My second pick was a retired nars color called petit monstre- not a bad pick. I’ll definitely wear it. I also picked up “Sexual Healing” and “Catfight”, both of which i totally love and have worn quite a bit in recent days. My last pick, Gipsy, might have been a total rip off. I ordered off Amazon and it didn’t come in Nars packaging- so i had to complain to the company, when i found that it wasn’t send from MARS but an independent seller. Gotta love it- the bottom was NARS, and the product seemed to be- but i can’t be positive.

Regardless, it was life changing. My eyes are always intense, so i like muted lips- and these lipsticks really did the trick for me. Plus, when i’m stressed (which i can’t even begin to tell you how stressed i am- i graduate college in 26 days! EEK!) i tend to get like, super chapped lips for some reason. This lipstick improved the quality of my puckers for sure.

My grading on NARS Lipsticks is a solid B+. Here’s why:

1) It’s impossible to pick the color off of sephora and or amazon- the colors are totally misrepresented there. I also don’t have any beauty stores near here. I live in a small town at the Jersey Shore- so yeah, not happening.

2) The packaging, though I understand that they are industry icons, was SUPER excessive. It was like, a box, within a box, within a box. Save a tree. One box. The lettering was however, totally beautiful and sleek.

3) For such an expensive lipstick, you get very little price.

Other than that, the product is great. The formula works well and there are many different options. I love that NARS is an industry icon and that they don’t use harmful materials in their lipsticks.



I could not get any good swatch pictures, and my camera deleted all the pictures i took of them on my lips- so excuse the amateurish photo of my pale hand and the swatching—

1. Gipsy

2. CatFight

3. Sexual Healing

4. Petit Monstre

5. Beautiful Liar


10 thoughts on “Spotlight on: Nars

  1. Nars is probably my second favorite brand of all time, really. I’ve had success with almost everything I’ve ever tried from them (except for anything in Orgasm–too shimmery for me) and while I’m pretty fair, I really like to support brands that consistently provide as many products for people of color as they do white people.

    These are my favorite lipsticks from them! You should definitely try them. Dolce Vita, which is a nice muted, natural, dark pink nude, Damage, which is a sheer plummy color, and Fire Down Below, which is a nice, deep red.

    • I actually thought seriously about Dolce Vita- but realistically, i already went over board, so its time to use a little of what i’ve got and get rid of some haha! I was like, crap! What did i do. I do love the catfight color as it shows up well.

  2. Great post! I am so tempted to try NARS lipstick! I love NARS blushes and I have heard so many good things about their lipsticks… and I’m a huge lipstick junkie! They retail for $30 here in Canada… so I can’t really justify the price tag…

    Catfight looks really good! I went to Sephora and swatched a few and I love the shade called Niagara! It’s such a gorgeous pink!

    • Yikes! I thought 24.00 was an insane price– have you tried other websites like Amazon? Not sure if that would be helpful, but there were some cheaper prices- i ended up paying like, 14.00 for the one shade- petite monstre. I haven’t tried many high-end brands. I worked for the Body Shop for 5 years, so 95% of my makeup is actually bodyshop/l’oreal brand. Their lipsticks aren’t bad, but they don’t go on as smoothly as NARS did. I’m dying to try the mac lipsticks, but i’m in New Jersey- no Mac stores until you hit New York and i’m about 4 hours from there.

      • I have gotten fake cosmetics online so I am kind of iffy about ordering them from independent sellers… But that was on eBay so I guess amazon would be more reputable. I will check that out! Thanks for the tip!

        MAC remains my favourite brand of lipstick… maybe you can order online? I know the pictures on MAC website are completely unreliable (just like most other brands), but maybe you can check out swatches? I can’t believe you are 4 hours away from MAC store! 😦 I guess you will have a big haul when you head up to MAC? 🙂

      • Yes- i know what you mean- but amazon actually has the brand names on there too directly from the company- the one i had an issue with, i knew was coming from an oustide company so i should have thought twice but the rest that i ordered i had no problem with. I might just order one, to try the consistency of it!

  3. I haven’t tried a NARS lipstick but I should get one at the duty free when I travel. NARS is a little pricey here in Thailand if you compare it with its price in the US.

    Cheers x

  4. I love NARS, too! I haven’t tried any of their face products as yet, just have a few of their eyeshadows…I love NARS Night Porter and Strada…beautiful colors if you don’t have them yet

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