upcoming reviews & giveaway news

So i’ve been a little bit off on my  posting, and i totally apologize. This is probably one of the toughest times in my life and i’ve got three weeks left in my final semester before i graduate- or find out if i graduate. So i’m really plunkering down and getting things done.

I do plan on releasing a post about the essie polish i received for free from Toms shoes, in Barefoot Blue, on the 9th in support of going barefoot on April 10th, which i will give you more information about. (When my new toms arrive!)

My april giveaway is going up this weekend.

I also had some super awesome etsy transactions that i’m dying to tell you about (or rather, show you!) when they arrive. I also had exclusive access to new diamond candle scents that were released, so keep your eye out for that next week sometime. I’ve got to tell you that im absolutely dying to show you these two bangles i purchased from this super awesome etsy shop. I’ll tell you more about that next week.

As soon as i receive my glossybox for the U.S debut i will also post about that. Since so many are curious about the conscious box, i’ll post that too, but i caution you that i have already cancelled my subscription to them.

If i tend to get quiet around the 15th of the month, keep up with the contest and i’ll be announcing the winner on April 28th.

I’m still looking for :

a) Suggestions about what product you guys want to win or are dying to try.

b.) great etsy companies (or artfire, or whatever avenues that are out there for handmade bath and body)

C) Any requests for product reviews or new posts? I was thinking about doing a “my favorite THINGS” blog or a blog about some of my coach products- or both, or a whats in my bag. These are all in my idea book on top of product reviews that will be coming up soon!


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