Spotlight on Etsy Seller: SAMISEAGLASS !

I’ve been looking since 2005 for a great piece of jewelry that could be my “little secret”. My grandma passed away in 2005, and I believe that even though she is not physically here, she is still involved in my life, so only she and i (And now all 300 of my blog subscribers!) would know it’s meaning. I thought that a necklace of an elephant would help to remind me (like I needed to be reminded) that she is with me. I strive to make her proud and often wonder what the past couple years of my life might have been like had I still had her cheering me on.

Why an elephant necklace? Elephants are considered to be the wisest of all in the animal kingdom. I think maybe this is what has always attracted my grandmother to them. Growing up, I remember playing at my grandparents home, and throughout every room there was an elephant. Always, his trunk facing the door. Throughout the depression in America, (which makes sense- grandma grew up during this time) elephants were intended to be good luck in terms of money. Elephants are associated with royalty in many cultures, and so many, like my gram, associate luck and money with the elephants. The significance of pointing their trunks towards the door was to bring wealth into the home. An elephant whose back was turned would miss the opportunity. Elephants are empathetic and altruistic- two qualities that I truly value.

I came across SamiSeaglass one day on Etsy (linked in blue and at the bottom of post for reference) and I knew I had finally found what I had been searching for years to find. (I wonder if finding it was a sign from her that she is seeing all that is going on with me- graduating college, getting into a master’s program, hopefully getting engaged!) When I saw the sea glass locket- I knew I had to purchase it. I was a little bummed out that some of the other lockets had this beautiful cobalt piece of seaglass in them, but none of the elephants did. I waited a few days and couldn’t stop thinking about it- so I contacted the shop and asked if it would be possible to change the seaglass piece out- Jean and Elf responded Super quickly that they would check stock and let me know! Fate would have it that they had a beautiful piece that fit perfectly into the necklace! I know this post isn’t about makeup, but I had such a wonderful experience and the meaning behind the necklace was so beautiful to me that I just had to share!

According to the Etsy Shop, some of the sea glass was picked on the owner’s trip to Puerto Rico, where her daughter was studying. I love so many of the different necklaces- they would make such cute gifts! I loved the Royal Carriage Sea Glass Locket, The Live Laugh Love piece, and the lovebirds piece- i think they are so unique and adorable and can think of a lot of upcoming birthdays where these pieces would be cherished!  I had to take a couple photos and experiment with the camera because the photos are just not doing the product justice!

I ordered on the 31st of March. It shipped super fast and my package came today, it totally made my day more than anyone could ever understand! I opened it up and put it right on! It is by far my most favorite piece of jewelry ever. I paid 28.50 for the necklace. The necklace and chain are sterling silver, and may be cared for by dipping them in sterling silver jewelry cleaner- according to the note I received, it won’t hurt the sea glass. It should be stored in the plastic baggie it came in though, to prevent tarnishing. I also received an appreciation locket which is pictured- the green seaglass is GORGEOUS! Finally, i gave in to the camera being a pain and shot it on a black background (my business card was the only black paper i could find in the house- sorry!) 

In all honesty, I would purchase here again in a heartbeat (and likely will!) Jean & Elf were so quick to respond and so pleasant to purchase from. They had no idea I was a blogger or that I might be so thrilled that I might just have to write an entry about them on here for you all to see- they were 100% genuinely kind and super helpful.

If I had to rate this overall transaction, there wouldn’t be enough plus signs on the face of the planet that I could put next to my A+. It was that wonderful. I am completely over the moon with the pieces. The customer service was top notch, which is often times rare for me to say, having worked in retail for so long I am super picky! 🙂
Based on the following categories/ criterion I 100% fully recommend SamiSeaGlass:
Customer Service: A++, Elf responded super fast to all of my emails!
Shipping/Receive Product: A++, It was mailed out on the 2nd and landed in my mailbox this morning.
Product Packaging: A++, Arrived in a silver jewelry box with seaglass attached to the top of it. Completely unique.
Products: A++ , it goes without saying. The product is unique, beautiful, not too heavy, and it catches the light in a magnificent way.
Pricing: A++. I wouldn’t really know what other products of the same kind go for in terms of price so I googled it- the price ranged from 35-48.00 for similar pieces so it was absolutely a steal.

Overall: A++. I really recommend this company. I was completely thrilled with this purchase and the customer service I received.

Etsy Shop:

If you love the one i have or want to see better photos, here is the link:


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with SAMISEAGLASS, nor is there any benefit of this review. Rather, i paid for the merchandise received, and simply had an excellent experience.
What do you guys think of my new necklace? Let me know if you end up making a purchase! I’m really interested in knowing your experience as well! I love unique pieces like this.


5 thoughts on “Spotlight on Etsy Seller: SAMISEAGLASS !

  1. Thank you for posting about this. I love this jewelry, I want to order the believe necklace and the aqua sea turtle. I hope your necklace brings you joy and reminds you of your grandma everyday.

      • I purchased the aqua sea turtle necklace! I told them I bought the necklace because I saw it on your site(I wanted you to have the credit). The lady was really happy about it and is sending me matching earrings for free! I’ll post pictures when I get them.

      • Thanks Mouzee99! I saw the sea turtle and thought it was so cute! I don’t get credit for anything- just wanted to share with my readers a really great experience! I normally use etsy for my hand made bath and body, but i just had such a great experience with SamiSeaGlass that i had to share- and now you see for yourself how kind they are! 🙂 I hope you enjoy your piece. Wore mine all day and got so many compliments! Please do post pictures! I would love to see them 🙂 You rock! 🙂

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