Essie Barefoot in Blue + Toms “Go without Shoes” campaign: April 10th


Toms Shoes, in partnership with Essie, sent out thousands of “Barefoot in Blue” polishes to those who like me, have pledged to go barefoot on April 10th to consider the life of other individuals in the world who have no choice in what shoes they may wear- but rather cannot afford any at all. Toms is a groundbreaking company who has their one for one program, where for every pair of shoes you purchase, a pair is given to another individual who has no shoes. I’ll be honest, i always thought the shoes were god awful looking, and never understood that the company had a mission until receiving the nail polish.

As far as the nailpolish goes, Essie’s formula is not for me. It took me six coats to get the blue to be not streaky. However, the periwinkle blue is undeniably one of my most favorite colors i own. It’s simply a love-hate relationship. Regardless, i will be going barefoot on April 1oth and hope that if you won’t join me, at least you will visit to read more about the mission.  As soon as i receive my first pair, i will gladly update you with photos and if they are as comfortable as i have heard!


FTC Disclaimer: Received the Barefoot in Blue nail color from Toms+Essie’s facebook page. They gave out approximately 1900 samples of the polish. I was not compensated for this review, or any others in this blog.




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