Rest In Peace, Oreo.

Today, the love of my life, my best friend, my sleeping partner, my heart…. has passed away.

  With all that i have done wrong in life, i must have done something right to know a love so true.. The love that i will always have in my heart for her is immense. Some may think that she is just a dog, but i think that is cruel to minimize her role in my life. She was my whole heart. She made me smile everyday of my life for 14 years. I’ve known pain, i’ve known struggle, but i’ve never known a life (or at least one i can remember), that did not in some way revolve around my Oreo.

We even loved to test out products together. She was loving the Wen cleanser… my girl.I am willing to bet that she rolled in the dirt just so i could give her a bath. I am thankful now to have been able to give her a last bath this weekend, missing out on time with others.


I know she is with my grandparents and cousin in heaven. Surely, she is playing with them and happy to see them. She can never truly die because my heart beat whispers her name. I enjoyed most the time we spent together over the last few months, her by my side as i did school work, or letting me rub her tired paws. I loved giving her kisses on the bridge of her nose, and loved that she was so old she would nibble my fingers. We all laughed in amusement when she did this, thinking surely that the old bat had confused my fingers for sausage links. She became more pleasent in her old age, not barking or chasing other animals, so we got to travel to the beach just recently. The simple moments.

Please do not be alarmed if i do not post often in the coming weeks. My wounds are still fresh- but you guys make me smile everyday, so i will be lurking.

Give your loved ones a tight squeeze. Spend some time with your pets. Love harder.


14 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Oreo.

  1. I’m so sorry. It’s a huge loss that obviously no one that hasn’t feel that unconditional love and loyalty that a dog can give (and that many people are uncapable of giving to another person) will fully understand. I feel you, i really do, my Rocco is 10 years old now and everytime i think about the fact that he’s getting old…well, i just can’t think about it. I know you are sad now, but you gotta think of the great life and care you gave to Oreo, cause at the end that’s what really matters. We send you a big big hug.

    • Thank you! She was a good girl. We had her since i was in the third grade, so she was with us longer than most. I’ve spent the past couple of months with her everyday, all day, so i am thankful for that, but miss my best friend. I know she is fighting my grandma for icecream in heaven, and they will watch her. I couldn’t think about it either. I knew we would just know, and i knew yesterday when i saw her there was nothing left for us to do. She had a stroke, and it wasn’t her anymore.

  2. awh it was bittersweet knowing this. I’m really sorry for your loss, I know how big a part of our lives pets can be, they truly are part of your family. We definitely understand if you need to take some time and recover from your loss. we’ll be waiting anxiously for your posts. : ) feel better and rejoice in your lovely memories of Oreo.

  3. Thanks Ladies, i really appreciate it. She was my girl but i know that now we have a wonderful home that is safe and loving for a new munchkin to come live in and be loved and live happily. We have started to inquire about adoption processes and such. It was tough sitting on our screened in porch this morning without her. Normally she will come and sit on the wicker chairs and look into the yard while you work or whatever. Since i am the one that is always home, i just can’t deal with it. We will see what happens. In the meantime, trying to focus on school finishing and finding a new job, because it wont be fair to a doggy if his or her mommy is home and then gone.

  4. Well you know how we feel….so very sorry Nicole to hear about your loss but while the physical part of her may be gone, the joy and laughter that all dogs give never leave our memories or our heart. jean/elf 😦

    • Thank you guys so much. Such a coincidence. Maybe Miss oreo and snickers are playing together somewhere, hopefully in a nice field. We have found a new baby girl that needs a home most immediately and so we may be moving forward with that. She is is a sweet girl. Thank you again. You are so wonderful! I wore my necklace today ❤

  5. Just saw this post now. Can’t believe how you must be feeling, you poor thing! Hope you’re holding up okay. Chin up hun! *hugs* xxx

    • Thanks! Luckily, i’ve got a job just in time. I wont be home as often. Unfortunately, when i am home i also can’t get any work done without a dog snoring beside me. Thanks for showing some love!

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