Sharing the love

I just wanted to jump on here and thank everyone for their overwhelming love and support.

Our girl is in a beautiful place. I had a dream that my cousin who passed away in 2007 made a promise to me that he is watching her because he needs company, so my heart feels good that someone else can receive the love that she is giving.

Moving forward, we are looking into adopting/rescuing, which is wonderful. I have a lot of love to give and am not ready to not be a pet owner.

At the same time, i also just got a really great position with Lush! I am really excited to start and learn more about their specific products. I share similar beliefs as they do. My favorite being, of course, that they do not test on animals!

I promise you all that after i graduate on the 28th i will get back to my product reviews. I will resume with a new giveaway/contest with some super cool prizes for you guys, too! They are sitting here in my room, on the desk just waiting! 🙂

You are all such wonderful people. I find that dog people are, by nature, beautiful and loving people. You are all my people. We are here on this earth to make other’s lives happier and easier. Oreo did that for me, and now she has left her home to give it to another dog down the line so their lives can be happier, and easier. I will never forget her though!


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