What unusual things have you used products for?


I’m curious to hear if any of my fellow beauty (and bath) bloggers have any unique uses for products in their home.

I have this “candy cane” bath bomb that i personally can’t use because its got a shit-ton of peppermint oil in it and makes my skin feel odd – as in peppermint oil is a cooling essential oil, and it does its job! However, i get terrible headaches (and more often when im stressed!) so instead of using the bath bomb in the bath- i put it in the shower, out of the direct stream of water, and let the steam and “off spray” get it wet. It gives off it’s peppermint scent and tends to soothe the nasal passages that often are stuffed when i get a headache. Totally random, but it works really well.

 Another one of my favorites is using a facewash to clean my brush. I hate wasting product, i believe in reusing and renewing products and their containers- so i have decided that even though the Tea Tree face wash is so wrong for my skin, it is an anti bacterial cleaner. It kills the bacteria on my makeup brushes that could potentially spread to my face- and it does a damn good job.


So what about you? What unusual uses have you found for your products?


I used to use WEN hair care (especially the “yucky” scents) for the dog, because she was a beagle. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of a beagle furbaby in your home, you don’t know that their long, droopy ears tend to trap scents. Therefore when Oreo would roll in dirt, or mud, or whatever she could find, the scent stayed for days. The WEN haircare had a mint undertone to it, so it definitely masked the scent really well. I never even considered using it on my pet until i saw Chaz Dean on tv with his dogs always at his side. I saw him on the show where he was remodeling his salon (Flipping Out was the show on Bravo) and he used the shampoo on his doggy, too. It worked well, and it made her coat look shiny and healthy! 


2 thoughts on “What unusual things have you used products for?

  1. I used to love love love nail polish and I had a nice collection but I stopped using it because I now have my nails done at the saloon and I have gel nails so they are no longer useful. I still keep the colors for my toes, but I use some of the clear coats for many other things apart from applying them on my nails . a great use for top coats is to waterproof everything !!! Read more about the uses on my post TGIF – Top coat edition at http://irenavanillia.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/tgif-ten-great-ideas-and-finds-top-coat-edition/

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