Where have i been for the month of April?!

Hi Everyone!

 Hope all my readers out there aren’t hating me just yet. I will be making a comeback in May- so be prepared. I actually have a great flow of products to show you– i’m just doing my best to graduate and be done with this school stuff right now.

 I know i told you guys about how badly my conscious box for Feb/March sucked- well april was a TON better, i actually got a product that really helps scarring that i want to tell you all about, once i figuire out if it’s actually doing anything.

 I’ve gone and crossed over to the dark side– i took a part time job as a Lushie— which is totally cool considering that i don’t believe in animal testing, and my dog im currently adopting (assuming i can fix my bloody fence that the damn neighborhood teens broke!) is a dog who spent time in a laboratory being tested on :(.


 Anyway, i miss you all and think of you often! I hope all is well.

Let me know in the comments what giveaway you are dying to see in May!


Until then… 



One thought on “Where have i been for the month of April?!

  1. I totally understand how crazy school can make things. I just finished finals + term papers earlier this week, and am getting back into working full time until I head back to school in the fall. I’d love to hear about your new dog! Lush can be hit or miss, but there are some problems I love love love from them. 🙂

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