Spring Beauty VoxBox by Influenster…

The Spring Vox Box is seemingly pretty cool for someone like me who is fairly new to the blogging world. Essentially they take products from big name brands and ask us to review them. I had heard through social media avenues that they were giving a big surprise to all the boxes– I was a little disappointed when I found out they were Dr. Scholl’s foot pads. I mean, you just don’t expect it in a beauty box. At the same time, if you are going to call yourself a beauty box, I wouldn’t expect to find a soyjoy bar either. If I had paid for this box, i’d probably end up canceling just because when you call it a beauty box, it should contain beauty items.



On the other hand, there were two products that were really awesome to receive. One was the Sally Hansen Salon Effects. I buy these often, for special occasions. As a jersey girl, we tend to spend a lot of money on overly-expensive salon manicures, so 10.00 seems like a fair price to me. In addition, since summer is pretty much here, I am loving the chapstick LipShield. The scent was nice, and it gives you some SPF coverage- i’d purchase it if I ran out, but I don’t use chapstick often.


The other products in this box are ones I would not have personally purchased. I make it a point to never shop at bath and body works- so their body mist went straight into the garbage. (Read the labels, people! I once got a body lotion that was SIX YEARS OLD) The sheercover duo concealer also went unused. I tried it quickly and was not a fan. The Aveeno Moisturizer Lotion was ok, but I am worried that the ingredients are a little dehydrating on my skin.  


In comparison to other boxes, i would likely continue my glossybox subscription or my samplebar subscription over this one, but again, its not how influenster works, and i do appreciate the opportunity. 


 Disclaimer: I received the Beauty VOX BOX from Influenster for free- so while this blog will contain posts about products I may not have necessarily purchased, by no means will my opinion be swayed by their super-awesome-kindness. 


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