Where the hell is product junkie girl?!?

So, I haven’t posted since April 30th, and while I do have posts prepared I thought I would just quickly say hello to those followers who wonder where I am.

About 5 days before my last post I adopted two puppies. They are a handful. Even though I wasn’t working I was spending ever waking moment with them. Not only because they are trouble makers, but because nothing is more wonderful than watching them grow. Though I miss my girl, Oreo, these boys fill my heart with joy.

I had been waiting to start a new job at a cosmetic company, graduated college, got into graduate school, and spent a lot of time walking, grooming and playing with puppies. Not that all these excuses mean anything, but it’s the truth.

In my new job I’m meeting tons of new people . I seriously miss my family, friends and pups. Most importantly I feel like ive got a second chance to repair relationships that fell to the wayside during my teenage years over the past few months that I wasn’t working.

Though this is a hobby, I still love it and will be posting. I have two reviews on glossy box to post and a whole bunch of products that I’ve bought that have backed up on me.

Most importantly, thanks for reading!! Sometimes life gets in the way.