Life Update/ Favorite Product of the moment!

Hi everyone!

   Sorry that the posts here have become arbitrary. Unfortunately, life seems to get in the way a lot more often lately! I work full time, and am currently in my first year at grad school studying mental health counseling- it’s amazing, but a ton of work!

         In the next few weeks i am also in a wedding that i am so excited for and honored to be a part of! I have spent my whole life looking up to my cousin and it feels great to be included in such a special moment. It also feels really great that we have sort of reconnected, my priorities changed and have become more focused on my relationships and school than anything else- which is great!

       That being said, right now i am loving the original naked palette. I never thought i could use it because my skin has such a major pink undertone to it and brown was never quite my color, but it certainly works beautifully for a smokey look- especially for the upcoming wedding! Have you guys used it? I really like the consistency, but hate having to use a primer to actually get it to show up. 


Hope everyone is well. 


The Little Dudes Send their love!


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