A product that made my day.

Hi All!

     So i’ve obviously been incredibly busy in my everyday life. Fortunately, I’ve decided to revive and over-haul this blog. I apologize for being gone so long. Much has happened to prevent me from writing. Luckily, it all seems to be behind me.

          I placed a few orders of new products. I’m currently working for a company that sells bath/body/hair and skincare (whose products i will not review here- as i’m afraid it’s a conflict of interest). I’m always interested in finding comparable items. In the coming weeks you will find posts of bath bomb comparisons between companies, new etsy finds, and new companies listed. I’m dying to try out new companies like Basin White and Fortune Cookie Soaps (i’ve actually been subscribed to their box service for a while, but haven’t done a review just yet.) 

       I placed an order over the weekend for some great products from one of my go-to companies- Doctor Sweet Tooth. I’ve ordered about 15 separate occasions, and each time i met with the same excellent customer service. I sincerely look forward to placing my order, receiving the products, and using them. We are all so busy that it’s extremely important we take the time out of our day and give ourselves a special treat! 

        I wasn’t going to order the “Lotion Bar” in a Candy Apple Scent. I’m not exactly a Halloween person- i have a strong dislike for anything pumpkin- but i thought that a candy apple scent would be particularly fall-like. The lotion bars are a brand new product to the company, according to their facebook page. I’ve tried a few different ones out from other companies and am not crazy about them. (Mostly because i’m worried that they will melt in my bag, leak, and ruin my textbook/cellphone/laptop, etc!) The lotion spent all day in my bag, in the heat (its about 50 degrees or less here in New Jersey!) and survived without any damage. The scent is definitely a candied apple! As kids we used to go to a local historic village, Allaire Village, and bob for apples. The combination of fall leaves, local bakeshops baking apple pie and the apples tied to long ropes from the barn door come to mind whenever i smell this. I can even imagine myself bobbing for apples when i wear it! It’s no coincidence that scent is tied to memory!

       The lotion bar really sinks right into the skin. It didn’t leave me feeling oily, and it really helped to soften the skin! If it does begin to melt, i could always pop it in the refrigerator, but i doubt it will. It came in a cute little tin with great packaging. I ABSOLUTELY love it! Let me know if you decide to try it out! 




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