Love from the Jersey Girl.

Hi All-

     It’s been a few weeks and i have some great reviews coming this week.I tried out some L’Occitane products, some new soapbox products, white basin…and many more to review! 

       Unfortunately, I am at the Jersey Shore. I’ve lived here all my life and it is completely devastating to drive through areas once populated by people, places and memories- they are now completely decimated. Fires are still burning even though they’ve consumed homes. In another area, there are homes laying in the middle of the road after being completely moved off their foundations. Hoboken and NYC also flooded, Hoboken still has water in the train- station. Words cannot describe the amount of loss there is- people are scared, anxious and freezing. Winter is coming and thousands of people will be without shelter. It’s awful. I took what little paycheck i had from the last two weeks and went to the local store to get as many supplies as i could to donate to a nearby town that my family lives in. The school was ruined and the children will not be returning until December. Its going to be a really shitty holiday season for these people. 



5 thoughts on “Love from the Jersey Girl.

    • Thank you! We are actually very well here. We had little damage to our home and have taken in stragglers (aka family!) who sadly lost a lot. We are happy to have eachother and appreciate the offer. We’ve been rebuilding and working on the power situations and life has returned to as normal as it can be. I will post pictures from the surrounding towns in the coming days now that power is up.

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