Quick Storage Tip for Bath Bombs

Just wanted to share this cute storage tip. I am a bath bomb addict- so i decided to take old apothecary looking jars (that had been my grandmothers) and decided to fill them with bath bombs. The result was a colorful and fun storage idea- and it keeps the bathbomb fresh and free from getting all damaged in my product drawers!


Added note:  The smaller jar to the right is holding soap curls- bars of soap that you take a knife to and curl up. Guests can take one and use them- they dissipate when washing and they’re super cute!

The bathbombs at the top are from Basin & Basinwhite of Disney world fame. The bottom, lush cosmetics, doctor sweet tooth and various etsy shops!


4 thoughts on “Quick Storage Tip for Bath Bombs

    • Thanks! What did you pick up there? I am saving my $ to pick up the body lotion sympathy for the skin. My favorite bathbomb though is a toss up between phoenix rising, twilight and dragons egg. I also really love Basin white (or is it white basin?) they have awesome bath bombs in multiple sizes. If your someone who likes to pick your scents and bath bomb sizes, i love the small business doctor sweet tooth! Let me know what you tried- i always like to hear about purchases! 😉 And welcome!!

      • Thank you so much for replying! I’ve tried two face masks, “BB seaweed” “Catastrophe Cosmetic”–loved them both. I’ve also tried and really really really love Buffy-great two-in-one exfoliator and moisturizer! I’ve also gotten one sakura bath bomb, bubble beard, the comforter and to christmas eve–I have yet to try either four but look forward to! I’ll keep your recommendations on my list, next time I go into Lush! P.S. I’m holding a giveaway on my blog, you should enter!

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