Since Winter weather has been slamming us here at the Jersey Shore, i thought it was time to talk about what products I need to keep me from getting dry & itchy all winter long! After Hurricane Sandy, I literally opened up my bathroom closet of delicious and unused products- soaps, hair products, and perfumes- and gave it all to my awesome cousin who was running supplies to an area called Union Beach- they were hit VERY badly. I saved only one- my pineapple soap from Little Egg Harbor Soap Co- i knew i wouldn’t be able to find that soap again because they moved into winter fragrances. (I know, selfish!)

        I am VERY fair skinned, and my skin gets so red and irritated from the air! My lips chap, my hands hurt, redness and irritation keep me up at night- it’s quite annoying! I’ve found a few things that have worked REALLY well for me and wanted to share!

     When i have dry, itchy legs and absolutely nothing helps my go to product is Doctor Sweet Tooth’s Handmade Scented Bath Milk. It is made with soothing powdered milk which is full of lactic acid. This ingredient helps to remove dry skin without irritating – like most body scrubs do! It comes in such a variety of scents and makes an excellent stocking stuffer. My favorite has always been the conversation candies scent, but i’m dying to try the red velvet scent that is currently sitting by the fireplace in my stocking!

 For Dry, chapped lips i have a couple solutions. I typically use Tarte’s frxtion and my favorite Key Lime balm from northridge gardens  that i always pick up when i’m in Smithville, at Little Egg Harbor Soap Company. 

      Lately, since Tarte has discontinued the Frxtion balm/scrub i’ve switched over to both Lush and Doctor Sweet Tooth. I love that Lush’s lip scrubs are edible sugar, taste great and really do the job well. I am dying to try doctor sweet tooth’s new lip scrubs, so if you have- tell me about it! I do use the Doctor Sweet Tooth gloss. 

 I don’t like to mess with my hair too much, especially in the winter. My favorite luxury product to cure itchy, dry scalps is Wen. The peppermint oil in the cleansing conditioner cools and soothes the scalp unlike any other product i’ve tried. Let’s face it, as a product junkie, i’ve tried it all. 

The only Body Shop product you will ever hear me admit to using is the Hemp Hand Cream. This product is excellent on very dry hands- but it is costly! Don’t share this one with others. Hemp also works really well at brightening tattoos that use reds/greens in them- for all you tatted beauties out there! 

What about you guys out there? What are you Winter Staples? 


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