Battle of the nail polish brands

The other day I was picking up some nailpolish at bed bath and beyond- try offer some great prices for otherwise pricey brands. The cashier asked me what I thought of the brand I was purchasing, which inspired this post.

I purchased Essie in “Jamaica me crazy”, for 5.99. The packaging is always elegant, and I love the color selection the best from Eddie. However, I noticed that even with a clear base coat, I must apply the color multiple times. I would say on average, I end up needing about 4 coats in addition to the base and clear coat.

O.p.i for sephora, while more expensive, is my favorite. The color chips less, requires less coats and has an alright selection of color. I picked up the new nifty shades of grey, a color that starts out like a grey/purple but the light shifts into a green. I know that it will last longer, and love that they offer both fun and professional color selections.

I also have an extensive collection of cheaper brands like NYC and target brand- I would suggest saving your money for a more expensive brand and really investing the money for a few colors instead of dozens- the cheaper brands seem to dry out quickly and leak.

My second favorite brand would have to be Sally hansens- her nail polish lasted almost as long as the opi polish. What about you guys? I’m curious to hear what brands you think work best- and give you the most bang for your buck!


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