Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Tips for fuller lips

I’ve spent much of my winter break stuck in bed watching youtube videos and perfecting my makeup skills. I love all things makeup related; I am a true product junkie. I’ve tried many brands, but there are few that I remain loyal to. One of those brands is LUSH COSMETICS. While I was once employed by this company, I left to pursue educational opportunities. It is the only brand that I continue to seek out, mainly because of their ethical values (not testing on animals), their value (relatively cheap for luxury items) and for the quality of their product—everything inside the product is listed on the label.

About a year ago, they launched their Emotional Brilliance line. I received (as an employee at the time) both the Feeling Younger skin tint and the charisma bronzing tint. Feeling younger serves as a highlight. For those of you who are not as concerned with animal testing, ethical trade, or natural ingredients- a good dupe I have found is benefits “Girl meets pearl”. I have not found a dupe for the charisma bronzing tint- though I’ve seen in youtube videos various mac and drug store dupes. I like the charisma tint because it is a liquid, creamy texture (as is the highlight).

How do you use a highlighter and a bronzer to make your lips look fuller?

There are a few tricks I’ve learned.

1)      Take a small lip liner brush and line your lower lip with the “bronzing tint” of your choice. In this case, I use the Charisma Bronzing tint from Lush.

2)      Blend.

Taking the “feeling younger” tint:

1)      Line your upper lip and cupids bow with highlight (use a thin brush!).

2)      Blend.

In place of using a cream highlight, I have also tried using a white eyeliner to line my top lip—it works very well so long as you dab it to blend it and then use your regular liner.

I will post pictures of this later—back to school work for me!